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Sapphire is a Zhu Zhu Bird

Appearance: Sapphire is a penguin with a sapphire body, sapphire flippers, blue eyes, blue feathers, blue underbelly, sapphire tail, demin blue feathers, blue spots, light steel blue feathers, Martinique feathers, Monte Carlo feathers, blue Dianne feathers, tarawera feathers, Tyrian purple feathers, cavern pink feathers, gothic feathers, Carey's pink feathers, opera mauve feathers, cannon pink feathers, ship cove feathers, downy feathers, blaze orange feet, chambray feathers, Boston blue feathers, Bahama blue feathers, tart orange feathers, Danube feathers, smalt blue feathers, wine berry feathers, lucky point feathers, blue birthmark and curry beak. Her blue birthmark is a sapphire. She wears a blue sapphire ring and sapphire bracelets.

Bio: Sapphire is a blue penguin who likes sapphires that match her color.

Gender: female

Animal: penguin

Birthmark: sapphire

Birthday: September 4

Friends: Rich the white and tan harlequin rabbit

Enrolled in: Shaun Dumas Academy

Favorite Mga Universal Pictures (Universal Pictures in Filipino) movies like Snow White at ang Great Jewel Hunt (released on January 4, 2002), Ang Boxer, Hilaw, Ang Hurricane, Niyebe na Bumabagsak sa mga Cedar, Hindi ba Siya Dakila, Ito ay Kumplikado, Katahimikan (released on April 18, 2006), Itim na Kidlat, Gainsbourg: Isang Magiting na Buhay, Isang Mapanganib na Paraan, Pangarap na Bahay and Ligtas na Bahay