Zhu Zhu Pets Fanon Wiki

Raichu is a Zhu Zhu Monster

Appearance: Raichu is a rodent-like monster. Raichu has orange fur with two strips of brown fur on his back. He has long ears and feet, but has little stubby arms with no noticeable fingers. Additionally, his electrical sacs are yellow. He has a plump white belly, the tips of his arms and toes are brown. The soles of his feet are tan-colored and the paw pads on the undersides are yellowish orange. Raichu also have a long, thin, black tail that ends in a large lightning bolt shape.

Bio: Raichu is more confident, faithful and powerful than Striker, which makes them rivals, but sometimes he is just as friendly and cute. However, if he stores too much electricity in his body, he can become extremely short-tempered and aggressive. Yet, he is timid and will run away from people.

Gender: male

Monster species: electric kangaroo rat

Special ability: Raichu can generate electricity through his cheeks and electrocute his opponents. The highest amount of electricity he can discharge to take down his foes are 100,000 volts. When or not in battle Raichu can use his long tail to grab and restrain opponents or hold and carry things. His tail can also serve as a ground to protect himself from high voltage power.