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October Cosmos is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: October Cosmos is a white porcupine with pink ear-insides, a pink nose, pink birthmark, pink cheeks, pink paws, red eyes, pink and red quills, pink patch, pink ears and pink tail. Her pink birthmark is a cosmos. Her fur becomes orange, pink ear-insides, nose, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail become black, red eyes becoming amethyst purple, and pink and red quills becoming black and amethyst purple.


Cosmos, the October birthday Zhu, celebrates her birthday in the month of October just like you! Cosmos loves to host Birthday parties with cake, balloons and presents. She organizes games, invites all of her friends, and plays music. Cosmos makes a October birthday extra special! She wishes for...her white fur becoming orange, her pink ear-insides, nose, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming black, red eyes becoming purple and pink and red quills becoming black and purple. October Cosmos' friends give her birthday presents. She hosts her 31st birthday party in her haunted mansion with the moon cake, scary balloons, spooky balloons and orange and black presents. She and her friends play Super Sweets, and the Spooky Old Bones music plays. She gets an orange trick-or-treat bucket from January Carnation. She gets a pumpkin throne from February Violet. She gets a purple candy corn light strand from her sister March Daffodil. She gets a white fairy princess hat from her sister April Daisy. She gets a yellow and purple ladybug amulet from her sister May Lily of the Valley. She gets a purple star cape from her sister June Rose. She gets a pink scooter from her sister July Water Lily. She gets 3 shaderoot carrots from her sister August Poppy. She gets 9,972 moon stones from her sister September Morning Glory. She gets 1,996 booty enigmas from her sister November Chrysanthemum. And she gets 32 bubblegum machines from December Holly.

Gender: female

Animal: porcupine

Birthmark: cosmos

Birthday: October 7

Family: March Daffodil (sister), April Daisy (sister), May Lily of the Valley (sister), June Rose (sister), July Water Lily (sister), August Poppy (sister), September Morning Glory (sister) and November Chrysanthemum (sister)

Friends: January Carnation, February Violet, March Daffofil, April Daisy, May Lily of the Valley, June Rose, July Water Lily, August Poppy, September Morning Glory, November Chrysanthemum and December Holly

October Cosmos’ code

October Cosmos’ code is Bendon234142910F297530-11/20:

  1. confetti sprinkles sprinkle normal and fire porcupine/bear hybrid with light Siam fur, bright red hair, Siam quills, hycanith ears, sun patch, fireopal paws and white alabaster flakes 🍩🍩☀️ (ultra rare) (light Siam and sun classic egg with white flakes) from Sprinkle Sun (comes with confetti bucket trap and donut sandwich) (October's eighth choice)
  2. fuzzy green cinnamon grass and normal bear with chrysolite fur, light olivine ears, mat-finish patch and crystal moonlight paws 💟☁️ (common) (chrysolite and May-finish classic egg with crystal moonlight flakes) from Cinnamon Cloud (comes with cloud chair and cinnamon bun) (October's tenth choice)
  3. glow-in-the-dark yellow vanilla normal and electric rabbit/chipmunk hybrid with light topaz fur, topaz tail, yellow blonde hair, silk ears, crystal golden shadow patch, light Colorado topaz paws and aurum head marking ☪️🍦 (common) (light topaz and crystal golden shadow classic egg with aurum stripes) from Vanilla Vortex (comes with glow in the dark baby condo and vanilla and chocolate striped trifle) (October's sixth choice)
  4. helmet peach cosmo fairy and normal chipmunk with padparadscha fur, rose ears, light peach patch, fuchsia paws and rose alabaster head marking 👨‍🚀🍬🪐 (rare) (padparadscha and light peach classic egg with rose alabaster stripes) from Candy Cosmos (comes with candy cane lights and candy apple) (October's fourth choice)
  5. hidden pink secret fairy and dark chipmunk with vintage rose fur, onyx hair, light rose ears, white opal patch, Indian pink paws and shadow crystal head marking 🍦1️⃣🍬 (common) (vintage rose and white opal peel & reveal egg with shadow crystal stripes) from One Dozen (comes with pink secret experiment and ice cream cone) (October's fifth choice)
  6. gummy yellow normal and fairy chipmunk with citrine fur, light rose tail, sakura petals hair, vintage rose cheeks, rose ears, silk patch and light peach paws 🍬🌌 (rare) (citrine and silk peel & reveal egg with vintage rose spots) from Gummy Galaxy (comes with galaxy painting and gummy honey on toast) (October's third choice)
  7. patterned blue peppermint normal raccoon/skunk hybrid with sapphire fur, light sapphire ears, turquoise patch, light azore paws, aquamarine mask and dark sapphire, white opal star shine, Bermuda blue and Indian sapphire tail 💖🍬🪐 (common) (sapphire and turquoise classic egg with dark sapphire, white opal star shine, Bermuda blue and Indian sapphire stripes) from Peppermint Planet (comes with peppermint pathway and peppermints) (October's first choice)
  8. neon volcano, purple velvet and light Siam lunar poison and bug chameleon/black widow spider hybrid 💗🥮🍭 (common) (volcano and purple velvet classic egg with light Siam diamond) from Lunar Lollipop (comes with paw lunar footprints and lollipop) (October's second choice)
  9. clear blue chilly ice and fighting pig with glacier blue fur, blue zircon tail and light amethyst snout 💎🍧 (common) (glacier blue and blue zircon classic egg with light amethyst spots) from Chilly Constellation (comes with constellation lamp and chilly chocolate float) (October's seventh choice)
  10. iridescent blue cotton candy ice and normal sheep with crystal metallic blue fur, lilac tail, dusty lavender hair, Indian indicolite ears and Montana hooves 🧼☄️ (common) (crystal metallic blue and Indian indicolite classic egg with Montana spots) from Cotton Candy Comet (comes with cotton candy display and cotton candy cone) (October's ninth choice)