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November Chrysanthemum is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: November Chrysanthemum is a white porcupine with pink ear-insides, a pink nose, pink birthmark, pink cheeks, pink paws, red eyes, pink and red quills, pink patch, pink ears and pink tail. Her pink birthmark is a chrysanthemum. Her fur becomes yellow, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail become red, red eyes becoming brown, and pink and red quills becoming orange.


Chrysanthemum, the November birthday Zhu, celebrates her birthday in the month of November just like you! Chrysanthemum loves to host Birthday parties with cake, balloons and presents. She organizes games, invites all of her friends, and plays music. Chrysanthemum makes a November birthday extra special! She wishes for...her white fur becoming yellow, her pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming red, red eyes becoming brown and pink and red quills becoming orange. November Chrysanthemum's friends give her birthday presents. She hosts her 32nd birthday party in her autumn small house with the pumpkin pie, scary balloons, birthday balloons and red, brown, yellow and orange presents. She and her friends play Super Sweets, and the Spooky Old Bones music plays. She gets a rainbow amulet from January Carnation. She gets a pink star cape, butterfly bow tie, blue gem-encrusted rug, pink paint buckets, purple and pink star hat, purple star couch and shooting star wall art from February Violet. She gets a red bow, flower tiara and pink purse from her sister March Daffodil. She gets 3 fire stones, 9,972 dark shards, 1,996 pecha berries, 32 ice stones, 156 shiny stones, 72 rainbow beans, 400 Meltan candies and 91 shaderoot carrots from her sister April Daisy. She gets a shooting star table, spring cottage flower carpet, heart couch, black hot air balloon, dragon streamer, pink heart-shaped fireplace, pink heart couch, purple clown vanity, yellow flower necklace, peace flag, pumpkin arrangement, fish wall art, purple flag, pink bow and arrows, Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade spaceship gray, banana rug, horseshoe bean bag, rocking horse, white heart-shaped couch and firecracker basket from her sister May Lily of the Valley. She gets a pink bubble lamp and pink flamingo from her sister June Rose. She gets a petunia flower bed from her sister July Water Lily. She gets a head flower and deerstalker from her sister August Poppy. She gets a blue lunar rover and blue lunar landing pod from her sister September Morning Glory. She gets a rare flapper hat and pink mask from her sister October Cosmos. And she gets a green bear welcome mat, green chipmunk's giant acorn, red porcupine chair and pink rabbit paws from December Holly.

Gender: female

Animal: porcupine

Birthmark: chrysanthemum

Birthday: November 14

Family: March Daffodil (sister), April Daisy (sister), May Lily of the Valley (sister), June Rose (sister), July Water Lily (sister), August Poppy (sister), September Morning Glory (sister) and October Cosmos (sister)

Friends: January Carnation, February Violet, March Daffofil, April Daisy, May Lily of the Valley, June Rose, July Water Lily, August Poppy, September Morning Glory, October Cosmos and December Holly

November Chrysanthemum’s code

November Chrysanthemum’s code is 11102002 (birthday):

Non-member code

  1. green, blue or purple bear welcome mat
  2. pony wall sticker
  3. 5 baby adoption tokens
  4. monster claws (random color variety)
  5. random pet carrier
  6. angry emote
  7. happy emote

Member code

  1. rainbow wings
  2. creamy buckwheat and orange heart locket
  3. yellow sun hat
  4. clover tail
  5. rain forest dyed rain boots
  6. lollipop antlers
  7. 6 sparkle plants
  8. 3 pink, blue and purple balloon columns
  9. 3 apple trees
  10. 3 butterfly's giant flowers
  11. rainbow cloud
  12. 3 diamond clouds
  13. white sun necklace
  14. blue moon balloon
  15. pink crystal Pegasus gauntlets
  16. orange sun hat
  17. lavender star cape
  18. yellow heart locket
  19. white rare star hat
  20. lightning gauntlets
  21. green turtle shell
  22. pink starfish glasses
  23. blue ladybug amulet
  24. orange dragon tail
  25. blue Griffin feet
  26. brown yak horns
  27. orange sun necklace
  28. yellow sun hat
  29. orange star hat
  30. purple heart locket
  31. purple music note earrings
  32. lightning tail armor
  33. horseshoe antenna headband
  34. Zoe's Yellow Outfit
  35. yellow princess dress
  36. Pepper's Scottish Outfit
  37. yellow dress
  38. Russell's sugar outfit
  39. Sunil's sugar outfit
  40. yellow Star Trek suit
  41. Star Trek-themed dress
  42. Star Trek suit
  43. gold, beaded head piece with cyan feathers
  44. white Boston fern
  45. green cat archway
  46. butterfly wall art
  47. purple box o' chocolate stepping stones
  48. hamster wall sticker
  49. fainting couch
  50. sheep archway
  51. potted plants
  52. chamber scrolls
  53. Leilani snail family hat
  54. 11 leafy lizard linguines (to feed your Bloomsaur to get through 8 levels)
  55. pond with fountain
  56. cocoon loungechair
  57. rat rug
  58. 3 reptile raviolis (to feed your Sproutasaur to get through 8 levels)
  59. pink and yellow churro cart
  60. spiked arctic wolf wall sticker
  61. fancy bouquet
  62. brown irritable gargoyle
  63. potted plants
  64. dragon streamer
  65. dinosaur tracks
  66. erupting volcano
  67. blue present tissue box
  68. ferret maze table
  69. 10 chudga bugs (to feed your Circavian to get through 3 levels)
  70. clear night dyed cleanup Zhu T-shirt
  71. 3 woods
  72. psychedelic floor
  73. giant pencil sharpener
  74. shadow garden
  75. fortress footprint rug
  76. lizard lounge chair
  77. apple pie
  78. 8 bog ferns
  79. hyena topiary
  80. sweet poster
  81. wrapping paper
  82. orange juice fountain
  83. passion flower
  84. sky lantern
  85. pitcher of lemonade
  86. hopping drum kit
  87. ant hill
  88. Malaysian flag
  89. 9 soul enigmas
  90. 8 dragon fruits (to feed your Wyrmand to get through 5 levels)
  91. bell collar
  92. red scorpion throne
  93. primrose
  94. orange and red rare kraken throne
  95. Luxembourgish flag
  96. styles of Plumpy light box
  97. shadow gray dye
  98. blue ring of fire
  99. hippo pond
  100. 300 frost coins
  101. Serbian flag
  102. scoreboard television
  103. otter topiary
  104. brown chipmunk's giant acorn
  105. cheetah statue
  106. music camp piano rug
  107. electric fortress panels
  108. blue crystal
  109. mixing board desk
  110. 3 palm trees
  111. pile of tickets
  112. 3 zombie graves
  113. 6 red tiny trees
  114. 5 dragon hero burgers (to feed your Draxon to get through 5 levels)
  115. 3 icicle lights
  116. green spiked arctic wolf wall sticker
  117. colorful Victor statue
  118. frog pond
  119. burrow door
  120. scattered homework
  121. spring cottage flower carpet
  122. panda banner
  123. 5 nettle mosses
  124. escape plans
  125. glacier mist fridge
  126. black front terrace chair
  127. blue bubble emitter
  128. 5 pupa enigmas
  129. howl plaque
  130. mud puddle
  131. true friendship (to level up with your Ratareck, Digduo, Felion, Sludger or Femurek)
  132. make it real kits
  133. 10 columns
  134. white melted snowman
  135. green beach cooler
  136. dashin' dachshund treadmill
  137. Escape the Phantoms arcade
  138. green dye
  139. mages pauldrons
  140. swirling hedge
  141. 3 poofy enigmas
  142. 3 punchy nutkins (to feed your Darkurse to get through 5 levels)
  143. blue tea pots
  144. black fur hat
  145. 3 creme caramels (to feed your Hoardent to get through 3 levels)
  146. yellow and tan swirly pillow
  147. guitar amp
  148. baseball wolf plushie
  149. yellow sun swords and shield
  150. pink heart-shaped couch
  151. medical banner
  152. clown bear
  153. horseshoe set
  154. cloud couch
  155. old timey radio
  156. shooting star wall art
  157. heart couch
  158. cupcake display
  159. rocking horse
  160. white and pink fish bowl
  161. fire pit
  162. 4 flag maker tokens
  163. fern
  164. horseshoe bean bag
  165. button bow
  166. 3 red checkers pieces
  167. 3 red envelopes
  168. red painted pot
  169. crystal palace blue vines
  170. crystal palace blue shag carpet
  171. crystal palace blue sky
  172. crystal palace blue star walls
  173. blue mat
  174. blue rug
  175. blue cube floor
  176. blue floor
  177. blue octagon wallpaper
  178. blue paisley floor
  179. 5 lightning clouds
  180. 5 rare lightning clouds
  181. 5 yellow lightning clouds
  182. 5 lightning lagoons
  183. electric fortress panels
  184. black and white firework stand
  185. 4 red piles of fireworks
  186. 4 fireworks fountains
  187. 4 2014 fireworks
  188. speckled egg on pedestal
  189. golden egg
  190. 7 golden egg prizes
  191. egg on display
  192. egg chair
  193. 7 egg lanterns
  194. 7 orange, white and green egg basket lanterns
  195. 3 boomerangs
  196. green boomerang
  197. green baby boomerang
  198. 7 bare big pine trees
  199. 7 bare starry big pine trees
  200. 7 big stumps
  201. 7 big red buttons
  202. black, white and red Big Friday My Shop
  203. big bark clock tower
  204. 7 big bite donuts
  205. orange bubble emitter
  206. orange bubble lamp
  207. red and black bubble speakers
  208. 7 bubble torches
  209. 7 bubble streams
  210. 7 bubble enigmas
  211. 7 bubble gum pink dyes
  212. friendship fortress pink striped walls
  213. friendship fortress pink argyle walls
  214. friendship cottage pink forest walls