Zhu Zhu Pets Fanon Wiki

Mienshao is a Zhu Zhu Monster

Appearance: Mienshao is a bipedal weasel-like monster. She has a long, slender body that is mainly pale purple in color; the lower part of her body is a deeper shade of violet. Mienshao has a pointed snout with a small black nose, and short triangle-shaped ears. Her whiskers are longer with cream-colored tips. She has squinted maroon eyes, dark purple eyebrows, and a purple oval shape on her forehead. Her arms are almost completely covered by long trailing fur that resembles unbuttoned sleeves. This arm fur can be used like a whip in battle. She also has a band of dark purple around her waist. Mienshao's legs are short, but powerfully-built, and she can still use them to gain speed. She has small feet with three white-clawed toes, and a long thin tail with a purple tip.

Bio: Mienshao uses the fur on her arms as whips to attack enemies. The execution of these attacks are very quick that she appears to be invisible to the naked eye; even a trained fighter cannot stop Mienshao's barrage of blows, which can destroy boulders. Anyone who hears a wailing sound knows that Mienshao will begin to unleash her attack. If faced with a challenging opponent, Mienshao will remove the fur on her arms for better agility. Mienshao respects their owners and is often seen training with them.

Gender: female

Monster species: fighting ermine

Special ability: brick break, low sweep, focus blast, rock smash and power-up punch