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May Lily of the Valley is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: May Lily of the Valley is a white porcupine with pink ear-insides, a pink nose, pink birthmark, pink and red quills, pink cheeks, red eyes, pink paws, pink patch, pink ears and pink tail. Her pink birthmark is a lily of the valley. Her fur becomes crystal, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming rose, pink and red quills becoming light rose and sunflower and red eyes becoming earth.


Lily of the Valley, the May birthday Zhu, celebrates her birthday in the month of May just like you! Lily of the Valley loves to host Birthday parties with cake, balloons and presents. She organizes games, invites all of her friends, and plays music. Lily of the Valley makes a May birthday extra special! She wishes for...her white fur becoming lily white, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming peony pink, pink and red quills becoming peony pink and sunflower yellow and red eyes becoming grass green. May Lily of the Valley's friends give her birthday presents. She hosts her 25th birthday party in her spring cottage with the basket of candy, spring egg balloons and peony pink, lily white, sunflower yellow and grass green presents. She and her friends play Spring Egg Hunt, and the Spring Festival music plays. She gets snow fort red brick walls, a turquoise heart locket and rainbow egg from January Carnation. She gets a red painted pot, heart couch and speckled egg from February Violet. She gets a red checkers piece, blue heart antennae headband and blue egg from March Daffodil. She gets a red envelope, green heart-shaped backpack and grey egg from April Daisy. She gets a red panda mannequin, blue heart-shaped chair and brown egg from June Rose. She gets a purple and turquoise red panda tail green heart bowtie and golden egg from July Water Lily. She gets a red carpet, purple heart eye patch and golden egg prize from August Poppy. She gets 12 red crafting crystals, hearts wallpaper and dark-teal and white emu egg from September Morning Glory. She gets green red envelopes, purple and blue heart glasses and chocolate egg from October Cosmos. She gets a red floor, heart chalet throne and orange and yellow mechanical dragon egg from November Chrysanthemum. And she gets a red mushroom, heartbreaker amulet and blue and green mechanical dragon egg from December Holly.

Gender: female

Animal: porcupine

Birthmark: lily of the valley

Birthday: May 5

Family: March Daffodil (sister), April Daisy (sister), June Rose (sister), July Water Lily (sister), August Poppy (sister), September Morning Glory (sister), October Cosmos (sister) and November Chrysanthemum (sister)

Friends: January Carnation, February Violet, March Daffofil, April Daisy, June Rose, July Water Lily, August Poppy, September Morning Glory, October Cosmos, November Chrysanthemum and December Holly

May Lily of the Valley's code

May Lily of the Valley’s code is kenchiomeep (Happy Tree Friends):

けんちおミープkenchiomeep (Kenchio Meap translated in Japanese)

可愛い写真がいっぱい❤️ (Lots of cute pictures ❤️ translated in Japanese)

ハッピーツリーフレンズ (Happy Tree Friends translated in Japanese)

Hovee、Jordan、Bigtail、Cuddles、Giggles、Toothy、Petunia、Handy (their names translated in Japanese)

Hovee, Jordan, Bigtail, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia and Handy

Hovee (English vs Japanese)

  1. sky kingdom red brick walls
  2. blue and yellow red panda tail
  3. blue red envelopes
  4. turquoise heart locket
  5. blue heart antennae headband
  6. white heart-shaped backpack
  7. blue heart-shaped chair
  8. blue heart-shaped couch
  9. blue heart bowtie
  10. blue heart eye patch
  11. red and turquoise heart glasses
  12. sky kingdom rainbow pink
  13. blue rainbow accordion hat
  14. green, blue and red accordion hat
  15. blue speckled drapes
  16. blue speckled racecar
  17. blue speckled rug
  18. blue and yellow speckled sneakers
  19. sky kingdom blue vines
  20. sky kingdom blue shag carpet
  21. sky kingdom blue sky
  22. sky kingdom blue star walls
  23. blue mat
  24. blue rug
  25. 31 blue crafting crystals
  26. blue cube floor
  27. blue floor

Jordan (ヨルダン)

  1. snow fort red brick walls
  2. white and black red panda tail
  3. white red envelopes
  4. black-gray heart locket
  5. rare heart antennae headband
  6. rare heart-shaped backpack
  7. white heart-shaped chair
  8. white heart-shaped couch
  9. gray heart bowtie
  10. black heart eye patch
  11. white and lavender heart glasses
  12. snow fort rainbow pink
  13. black rainbow accordion hat
  14. gray and white rainbow accordion hat
  15. red speckled drapes
  16. red speckled racecar
  17. red speckled rug
  18. white, lavender and pink speckled sneakers
  19. snow fort blue vines
  20. snow fort blue shag carpet
  21. snow fort blue sky
  22. snow fort blue star walls
  23. white blue light glasses
  24. blue octagon wallpaper
  25. Blue & Broken Stars
  26. 2 blue braincorals
  27. blue candy

Bigtail (ビッグテイル)

  1. Sir Gilbert's palace red brick walls
  2. red painted pot
  3. red checkers piece
  4. red envelope
  5. red panda mannequin
  6. red, tan and black red panda tail
  7. red carpet
  8. 31 red crafting crystals
  9. red red envelopes
  10. red floor
  11. red mushroom
  12. 5 red dyes
  13. 6 red snowballs
  14. redflare amulet
  15. redflare tendrils
  16. red-hooded riding car
  17. red & brown polo shirt
  18. red & green striped polo shirt
  19. red ball cap
  20. strawberry heart locket
  21. magenta heart antennae headband
  22. red heart-shaped backpack
  23. red heart-shaped chair
  24. red heart-shaped couch
  25. red heart bowtie
  26. rare heart eyepatch
  27. red and white heart glasses

Cuddles (抱きしめる)

  1. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade red brick walls
  2. yellow heart locket
  3. yellow heart antennae headband
  4. green heart-shaped backpack
  5. yellow heart-shaped chair
  6. yellow heart-shaped couch
  7. hot pink heart eye patch
  8. yellow and gray heart glasses
  9. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade rainbow pink
  10. yellow and purple rainbow accordion hat
  11. rainbow amulet
  12. yellow, green and blue rainbow accordion hat
  13. pink speckled drapes
  14. pink speckled racecar
  15. pink speckled rug
  16. yellow, white and purple speckled sneakers
  17. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade blue vines
  18. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade blue shag carpet
  19. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade blue sky
  20. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade blue star walls
  21. green blue rug
  22. green blue light glasses
  23. blue & pink striped polo shirt
  24. blue & yellow fleece sweater
  25. Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade brown tile
  26. 74 brown eyes
  27. brown corduroy pants

Giggles (笑い)

  1. friendship cottage red brick walls
  2. pink and white red panda tail
  3. pink red envelopes
  4. pink heart locket
  5. heart couch
  6. pink heart antennae headband
  7. pink heart-shaped backpack
  8. pink heart-shaped chair
  9. pink heart-shaped couch
  10. pink heart bowtie
  11. pink heart eye patch
  12. hearts wallpaper
  13. pink heart glasses
  14. heart chalet throne
  15. heartbreaker helmet
  16. heartbreaker amulet
  17. heartbreaker armor
  18. heartbreaker gauntlets
  19. heartbreaker tail
  20. heart bracers
  21. heart locket
  22. heart string armband
  23. heart’s desire roses
  24. heart air balloon
  25. heart warming tub
  26. heartfelt tuna melt
  27. hearty bamboo stew

Toothy (歯ごたえ)

  1. mushroom hut red brick walls
  2. purple and turquoise red panda tail
  3. purple heart locket
  4. purple heart antennae headband
  5. purple heart-shaped backpack
  6. purple heart-shaped chair
  7. purple heart-shaped couch
  8. purple heart bowtie
  9. purple heart eye patch
  10. purple and blue heart glasses
  11. mushroom hut rainbow pink
  12. light magenta, red and orange rainbow accordion hat
  13. purple and red rainbow accordion hat
  14. purple speckled drapes
  15. purple speckled racecar
  16. purple speckled rug
  17. lavender, magenta and purple speckled sneakers
  18. mushroom hut blue vines
  19. enchanted hollow blue shag carpet
  20. mushroom hut blue sky
  21. mushroom hut blue star walls
  22. purple blue rug
  23. blue flower tile floor
  24. purple blue light glasses
  25. blue avenue coupe car
  26. 74 gray dyes
  27. gray argyle sweater

Petunia (ペチュニア)

  1. spring cottage red brick walls
  2. blue red panda tail
  3. green red envelopes
  4. emerald-green heart locket
  5. green heart antennae headband
  6. blue heart-shaped backpack
  7. green heart-shaped chair
  8. green heart-shaped couch
  9. green heart bowtie
  10. spring cottage rainbow pink
  11. rainbow cloud
  12. blue and green rainbow accordion hat
  13. promo rainbow amulet
  14. rainbow spiked collar
  15. rainbow tail armor
  16. rainbow top hat
  17. rainbow scarf
  18. blue rainbow accordion hat
  19. rainbow amulet
  20. rainbow boots
  21. rainbow chip cookies
  22. rainbow cloud couch
  23. green speckled drapes
  24. green speckled racecar
  25. green speckled rug
  26. green and white speckled sneakers
  27. spring cottage blue vines

Handy (ハンディ)

  1. enchanted hollow red brick walls
  2. orange red envelopes
  3. creamy-buckwheat and orange heart locket
  4. dark pink heart antennae headband
  5. orange heart-shaped backpack
  6. black heart-shaped chair
  7. black heart-shaped couch
  8. rare spooky heart bow tie
  9. magenta heart eye patch
  10. enchanted hollow rainbow pink
  11. magenta and red rainbow accordion hat
  12. purple, red and orange rainbow accordion hat
  13. orange speckled drapes
  14. speckled floor
  15. orange speckled racecar
  16. orange speckled rug
  17. yellow, white and magenta speckled sneakers
  18. speckled wallpaper
  19. Graham’s observatory blue vines
  20. Graham’s observatory blue shag carpet
  21. Graham’s observatory blue sky
  22. Graham’s observatory blue star walls
  23. pink blue light glasses
  24. 8 blue dyes
  25. 6 blue oil dyes
  26. 6 blue snowballs
  27. blueleaf wave bush