Zhu Zhu Pets Fanon Wiki

Lilac is a Zhu Zhu Pet

Appearance: Lilac is an armadillo with purple skin, a cloud birthmark, purple scales, lilac shell and chocolate eyes. Her cloud birthmark is a crystal egg. She wears a purple and blue eggshell helmet, green and yellow egg shoes, crystal bow and arrows and crystal spiked collar.

Bio: Lilac was born during the new moon. She sees clouds with lightning and high voltage. She creates her own jack-o-lantern. She has a crystal ball, performing arts and candles in her spring cottage. She uses her dagger as a weapon like her crystal bow and arrows and stops chains with the dagger but her drop of blood falls from her shell. She sleeps in the coffin as her bed. Her deceased mother's headstone and funeral urn are seen in Lilac's spring cottage.

Gender: female

Animal: armadillo

Birthmark: crystal egg

Birthday: April 11

Lilac's Missing Zhus Event

Lilac starts the missing Zhus event in April 1, 2021. She tells everyone about many missing Zhus outside Zhu-niverse. The hippos are High Tide, Baby Firefly, Baby Surprise, Baby Blossom, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Glory, Baby Moondancer, Baby Applejack, Baby Bow Tie and Baby Lemon Drop. And the Himalayan tahrs are Sea Star, Sea Shimmer, Backstroke, Tiny Bubbles, Splasher, Surf Rider, Baby Cuddles, Baby Tiddly Winks, January Carnation and February Violet.

New April code

The new April code is purplearmadillo redeemed with items before it will expire on August 8, 2021:

  1. Lilac the purple armadillo
  2. Twilight Sparkle (alicorn; legendary)
  3. spring rainbow helmet
  4. spring rainbow gauntlets
  5. spring rainbow tail armor
  6. 668 cosmic candies (additional 1,596 cosmic candies)
  7. clear hamster with silver fur, brown eyes, white cheeks, grey paws, grey birthmark and white patch 💎 (silver and white sparkly and vertical peel & reveal egg with a grey gemstone)
  8. confetti sprinkles hamster with orange fur, red cheeks, yellow birthmark, brown eyes, red patch and red paws 🍩 (orange and red plain and horizontal peel & reveal egg with a yellow doughnut symbol)
  9. connectible hamster with purple fur, black cheeks, black patch, blue eyes, black paws and purple birthmark, turquoise fur, pink cheeks, green eyes, pink patch, indigo birthmark and pink paws or orange fur, yellow paws, green eyes, gold cheeks, red birthmark and gold patch 3️ (rainbow plain peel & reveal egg with a colorful 3 number)
  10. fuzzy hamster with orange fur, gold cheeks, orange ears, blue eyes, red birthmark, gold patch and orange paws 💟 (orange and gold plain and curled peel & reveal egg with a red heart decoration)
  11. glitter hamster with blue fur, brown eyes, blue birthmark, purple cheeks, purple patch and violet paws ✨ (blue and purple sparkly and vertical classic egg with a violet sparkle)
  12. glow-in-the-dark hamster with red fur, yellow birthmark, orange cheeks, red paws, orange patch and green eyes ☪️ (red and orange shiny and horizontal classic egg with a yellow star)
  13. gummy hamster with pink fur, red head, red legs, blue eyes, white birthmark, pink cheeks, red bottom, pink patch, pink paws and flame pea ears 🍬 (pink and red plain and curled classic egg with a flame pea candy birthmark)
  14. helmet hamster with black fur, gray head, grey legs, black cheeks, blue eyes, grey bottom, cement ears, white birthmark, black patch and black paws 👨‍🚀 (black and grey shiny and curled peel & reveal egg with a cement full moon symbol)
  15. hidden hamster with teal fur, turquoise cheeks, blue eyes, turquoise patch, turquoise paws, white birthmark and slate blue eyebags 🍦 (teal and turquoise plain and vertical peel & reveal egg with a slate blue soft ice cream symbol)
  16. iridescent hamster with pink fur, yellow cheeks, green eyes, yellow patch, twilight birthmark and sweet corn spots 🧼 (pink and yellow shiny and horizontal peel & reveal egg with a bar of soap symbol)
  17. neon hamster with red fur, blue eyes, orange cheeks, terracotta ears, yellow birthmark, orange patch and orange paws 💗 (red and orange shiny and vertical classic egg with a terracotta heart)
  18. patterned hamster with violet fur, blue eyes, violet paws, Tyrian purple ears, bone birthmark, Melanie cheeks and opera mauve undercoat 💖 (violet and opera mauve sparkly and horizontal classic egg with a Melanie sparkling heart)
  19. sticker hamster with purple taupe fur, aqua island eyes, bossanova eyebags, strikemaster ears, light wisteria birthmark, violet cheeks, violet patch and violet paws 💞 (purple taupe and violet plain and curled classic egg with a bossanova heart)
  20. billion berries
  21. The Phantoms' Secret bible
  22. blob (yellow, pink, purple, blue or orange Emmalee)
  23. eighty blueberries
  24. brick
  25. Donna the grown-up Canadian God catbird with red plumage, red claws, red legs, red beak and red eyes (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)
  26. John the English catfish with brown plumage, brown eyes, gold beak, brown legs and shadow claws (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)
  27. cereal
  28. cloud
  29. cornflakes
  30. frame
  31. fruitcake
  32. grapefruit
  33. letter from Pink Paw the sparkle Persian cat
  34. mirror
  35. pail
  36. paper
  37. seventy pepperonis
  38. pizza
  39. potato
  40. puff
  41. sail
  42. sauce
  43. Anne the sheep with orange fur, orange hooves, orange ears and orange eyes (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)
  44. wool sheet
  45. spice
  46. squid with yellow skin and yellow eyes (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)
  47. thousand strawberries
  48. sugar
  49. tomato
  50. towel
  51. child wolves with purple fur, purple ears, purple tail, purple snout, violet underbelly, purple taupe paw pads and hypocritical doki eyes, turquoise fur, teal underbelly, turquoise ears, Lochinvar paw pads and honest mermaid eyes, blue fur, indigo underbelly, blue ears, blue tail, blue snout, light steel blue paw pads and stone eyes, green fur, green ears, green tail, green snout, earls green underbelly, wild willows paw pads and plant eyes, gold fur, gold ears, gold tail, yellow underbelly, yellow muzzle, yellow paws, sweet corn paw pads and metal spooky eyes, orange fur, orange ears, orange tail, orange snout, rajah underbelly, rajah muzzle, Porsche paw pads and orange natural eyes, red fur, red ears, red tail, red snout, red eyes, flame pea underbelly and tart orange paw pads and Jon fur, raw sienna underbelly, Congo brown paw pads and brown eyes (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)
  52. lice with glossy grape skin and cannon pink doki eyes, Columbia blue skin and aqua island mermaid eyes, Congo brown skin and rust natural eyes, coral skin and terracotta spooky eyes, midnight green skin and turquoise eyes, sushi skin and pear eyes, yellow skin and yellow eyes and red skin and Alice eyes (red, teal, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple or orange)

Lilac's code is 652881277223383307 redeemed with items before it will expire on August 8, 2021:

  1. purple flag
  2. 7 flame traps
  3. red flaming crown
  4. 5 deer banners
  5. The Monkey Claw
  6. 6 deer mannequins
  7. green flippers
  8. magenta flippers
  9. 5 squirrel picnic tables
  10. nutcracker
  11. 3 toothpaste amulets (purple, red and green)
  12. 6 porch swings (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  13. yellow rabbit plushie
  14. pink deer antlers
  15. 6 deer furs (gray-purple, yellow, purple, rare, red and green)
  16. beanie deer plushie
  17. 5 monkey's cuddly blankets (yellow, pink, purple, blue and green)
  18. purple rare beard
  19. 6 antique chairs (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  20. 6 flame tipped wings (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  21. blue beanie
  22. beach ball
  23. green beach canopy
  24. beach cooking pot
  25. 14 ant hills
  26. 11 ant farms (2 yellows, pink, 2 purples, 2 blues, red, lime and 2 greens)
  27. 9 squirrel's acorn piles
  28. 3 toothpaste armors (purple, red and green)
  29. 3 porch swings
  30. 4 The Phantom paintings (yellow, purple, blue and green)
  31. 6 baby flame tipped wings (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  32. 7 The Claw Arcades
  33. 11 squirrel's hiding places
  34. 13 squirrel's oak trees
  35. 27 beastro fancy food platters
  36. 36 bunny banners
  37. 3 squirrel chaises
  38. 8 beach house hanging chairs
  39. 13 animal models
  40. 20 flaming eagle cauldrons
  41. 22 beastro fish tanks
  42. 36 bunny burrow vanities
  43. antique clock
  44. 5 toothpaste gauntlets (yellow, purple, blue, green and sea green)
  45. 5 toothpaste helmets (yellow, purple, blue, red and green)
  46. 5 toothpaste tails (yellow, purple, blue, green and sea green)
  47. flame tipped tail
  48. 3 flaming jack-o'-lantern amulets (yellow, pink and green)
  49. theater clapperboard
  50. 5 flip flops (yellow, pink, purple, blue and green)
  51. nutcracker boots
  52. nutcracker jacket
  53. nutcracker beard
  54. nutcracker eyes
  55. 4 rabbit paws (pink, purple, blue and green)
  56. 3 porcupine chairs (purple, red and green)
  57. 2 porcupine hedges (light green and lime)
  58. 3 porcupine quills (purple, red and green)
  59. 5 deer antlers (rare, pink, purple, red and green)
  60. 3 deer banners (pink, red and green)
  61. deer e-book
  62. 4 deer flags (yellow, pink, purple and green)
  63. bear hat
  64. 3 bear bean bags (purple, blue and green)
  65. 3 bear welcome mats (purple, blue and green)
  66. 4 beards (yellow, pink, purple and green)
  67. 6 bean bag chairs (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  68. ant helmet
  69. ant mandibles
  70. 6 New Year's party hats (yellow, pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  71. 5 animal bead necklaces (yellow, pink, blue, red and green)
  72. 5 animal flags (pink, purple, blue, red and green)
  73. spring rare bunny hat
  74. 6 bunny plushies (yellow, pink, purple, blue with bowtie, red and green zombie)
  75. 4 bunny ears (rare, purple, red and green)
  76. bunny burrow trampoline

Letter from Pink Paw

Lilac gets a letter from Pink Paw the sparkle Persian cat while you enter Lilac's new April code, purplearmadillo:

Dear Lilac the armadillo,

Admit it, you would be scared, too! I tell you my big secret about Embreon the growing form of Flareon, Psycheon the growing form of Espeon, Packyena the growing form of Poochyena and Mightyena, Frosteon the growing form of Glaceon, Cervidox the growing form of Deerling and Sawsbuck, Spriteon the growing form of Sylveon, Howlith the growing form of Rockruff and Lycanroc, Birichu the growing form of Pikachu and Raichu, Swipem the growing form of Nickit and Thievul, Hakking the growing form of Koffing and Weezing, Mega Leafeon, Castform, Kai the Lycanark, Kurstraw, Pangshi, Glimmeon and Celesteon the growing forms of Eevee, Mewn, Mewna, Mewstial, Faereon the growing form of Eevee and Spookeon, Candeon and Witcheon the Halloween forms of Eevee. When the 2nd release was planned to launch, we were going to have a whole new crew, but later one we decided it would be best to keep the fab four. I just edited some pictures together. First I thought I should stop drawing them, but a few days I feel a little bad for not having, I realized that I need to draw them...I decided not to be afraid of people who hate this couple and draw them! I certainly do not know why I feel so much better when I finish drawing this couple.

I like you to go to Zhu Zhu Theater Lobby in northeastern Zhu Zhu Forest to see the new movie on May 20, 2021 at night only or May 21, 2021. I just ask Dashare the growing form of Raboot and Cinderace, Vulhex the growing form of Braixen and Delphox, Terrapond the growing form of Wartortle and Blastoise, Warriott the growing form of Dewott and Samurott, Treetoise the growing form of Grotle and Torterra and Quilruption the growing form of Quilava and Typhlosion. Dashare loves to play The Claw to win a yellow pillow, yellow bunny plushie, yellow phantom with crown, pink horned leg pads, yellow monkey plushie, yellow deer with rocket, yellow elephant plushie, yellow moon necklace, yellow panda plushie or yellow lily rug. Vulhex loves to eat popcorn and play The Claw to win a pink lily rug, pink bunny plushie or pink moon plushie. Terrapond loves to buy purple movie reels, pink spilled popcorn and a pink theater popcorn machine from Zhu Zhu Theater Shop and eat popcorn. Warriott loves to take a photo of herself in the Zhu Zhu Town or Zhu Zhu Tundra background in Zhu Zhu Photo Booth. Treetoise loves to eat virtual popcorn and watch Nat Geo Wild Kids and Beaver Family in Zhu Zhu Forest Theater and take a photo of himself in the Zhu Zhu Town background in Zhu Zhu Photo Booth. And Quilruption loves to buy a red clapperboard and Peck theater movie poster from Zhu Zhu Theater Shop and play The Claw to win a red lily rug, red bunny plushie or white moon necklace.

Now I tell you about finding 27 growing Pokémon in locations in Zhu-Niverse:

There are 9 Pokémon in Zhu Zhu Savannah

  1. Luna the 17-year-old Nidoress wearing a blue monkey hat
  2. Fancy the 16-year-old Clefancy wearing a pink bunny hat
  3. Haru the 17-year-old Gigglyruff wearing a pink chicken hat
  4. Helper the 10-year-old Alolan Digduo wearing a yellow tiny backpack, black tiny bowler hat, brown tiny cowboy hat and brown tiny heart cap
  5. Gene the 11-year-old Felion wearing a yellow, orange and black tiny pillbox hat and brown tiny wings
  6. Brain the 18-year-old Seismore wearing a gray polar bear hat
  7. Ladybird the 13-year-old Slowprince wearing a peach lion hat
  8. John the 9-year-old Hakking
  9. Oona the 19-year-old Lucksey wearing a tiny sombrero

There are 4 Pokémon in Zhu Zhu Town

  1. Drago the 16-year-old Drayvern wearing a white cool hair and white pirate beard
  2. Francine the 4-year-old Cleffey wearing a pink head flower, brown lei, pink pearl bracelet, pink woven shoes, brown square glasses, pink plaid shirt, pink paperclip earrings, brown ibex horns and pink paperclip bracelet
  3. Meg the 8-year-old Squigglyfluff wearing a pink butterfly hair bow, pink infinity glasses, pink binoculars, pink high heels, pink furry cuffs, pink snowflake hoodie and pink icicle horn
  4. Nancy the 13-year-old Slowprince wearing a white fang necklace, pink winter grass claw and pink genie vest

There are 8 Pokémon in Zhu Zhu Tundra

  1. Kiss the 4-year-old Kisspell wearing purple snow trail shoes, a red and pink tattered scarf, red wacky winter hat and purple heart mittens
  2. Minka the 7-year-old Daircalf wearing a pink winter blanket, pink snow shoes and pink eyeball antennae headband
  3. Pinkie the 6-year-old Merriley wearing rare old winter boots and a pink snow globe hat
  4. Heart the 4-year-old Purrty wearing pink snow boots, a pink quilted blanket and pink silly winter hat
  5. Peggy the 14-year-old Voltike wearing blue yeti claws, a blue arctic coat and green winter hood
  6. Stan the 18-year-old Inparctic wearing a black snow hat
  7. Meadowlark the 7-year-old Hornette wearing rare dizzy stars
  8. Linda the 14-year-old Lucksey wearing pink sunshine galoshes

There are 3 Pokémon in Zhu Zhu Canyonland

  1. Twilight the 14-year-old Cheatah wearing a golden royal cape, purple epic antlers, purple dragonfly wings, purple crossbow, purple diamond necklace, purple diamond earrings, purple diamond ring, purple turquoise ring, golden pirate sword, purple scorpion tail armor, purple sapphire ring, ruby ring, silver ring, gold ring and purple futuristic headphones
  2. Bella the 15-year-old Gothirella wearing black and purple branch antlers, a white turquoise necklace, black amethyst earrings, queen bee ring, queen bee tiara and black ice sword
  3. Cappuccino the 14-year-old spring Cervidox wearing a 2019 rare gem encrusted necklace, orange opal earrings, queen bee epic tiara, queen bee pirate sword and queen bee royal cape

There are 2 Pokémon in Zhu Zhu Forest

  1. Magenta the 6-year-old Fragrenzze
  2. Nebby the 18-year-old Nebulion wearing a Cosmo's alpha amulet

We will spot them in locations in only Zhu-Niverse, no other non-Zhu worlds (because they won't be found in non-Zhu worlds), on May 2, 2021

From Pink Paw the sparkle Persian cat

Lilac's monthly login gifts

Lilac's monthly login gifts are on April 1, 2021-April 30, 2021:

  1. 300 coins
  2. amethyst throne
  3. 5 gemstones
  4. amethyst chandelier
  5. amethyst fence
  6. soap bubble backpack
  7. soap bubble hat
  8. perfect attendance trophy

Lilac's Breeding

Lilac's breeding finds a pair of Zhu Zhu Pets breeding each other in the location:

Zhu Zhu Pets from 2021:

  1. fancy Maine coon cat 💎👓👗♀ + vintage Maine coon cat 👨👔🎩♂ = ornate Maine coon cat on March 31, 2021

Breeding Zhu Zhu Pets:

  1. German shepherd ♂ + French bulldog ♀ = Frenchie shepherd
  2. Himalayan cat ♂ + Maine coon cat ♀ = Maine coon cat
  3. French bulldog ♂ + Maine coon cat ♀ = Norwegian forest cat

Lilac's Zhu Zhu Pets Fanon Wiki News

Lilac the purple armadillo as a featured character in April 2021 has Zhu Zhu Pets Fanon Wiki news for you and your Zhu Zhu Pets:

April 1, 2021

  • Happy April Fools' Day

April 2, 2021

  • The first CGI animated Easter short features Easter as a featured character in April 2021

April 4, 2021

  • Happy Easter Day

April 5, 2021

  • New Pics for Pounce, Magenta, and many more!
  • Moppit's Birthday confirmed not to be 11/20 (November 20) due to a glimpse of her tag being seen.
  • RyderRenegade reaches 280 subcribers and Mythnok reaches 305 subscribers!!!

April 30, 2021

  • Cuddles and Toothy star in Cuddles and Toothy Go to the Movies, a CGI animated short

Lilac's ruby-turquoise sale

Lilac's ruby-turquoise sale goes on April 13-27, 2021:

Coyote pink ruby sale (pink or red) in red My Pi Day Shop (Cute Rares)

  1. taffy cape (costing 18 gemstones)
  2. taffy pulling machine (costing 18 gemstones)
  3. red taffy pulling machine (costing 18 gemstones)
  4. green and red taffy rug (costing 18 tickets)
  5. taffy sofa (costing 18 gemstones)
  6. taffy hairdo (costing 18 gemstones)
  7. red taffy tail (costing 18 tickets)
  8. red caramel apple hat
  9. pink cotton candy chair
  10. red cotton candy hat
  11. pink cotton candy lamp
  12. red cotton candy chair
  13. red, blue and sky blue cotton candy hairdo
  14. rare cotton candy shoes
  15. red cotton candy lamp
  16. red cotton candy sofa
  17. red cotton candy table
  18. red, blue and sky blue cotton candy mohawk
  19. red, blue and sky blue baby cotton candy mohawk
  20. red churro cart
  21. lit ornamental cedar
  22. lit bunny topiary
  23. lit scarf
  24. lit heart necklace
  25. red lit spiked collar
  26. rare monster claws
  27. red and yellow monster teeth
  28. red monster hat
  29. eggshell helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  30. hairdo (costing 400 coins)
  31. nest skirt (costing 400 coins)
  32. plague mask (costing 400 coins)
  33. crown (costing 400 coins)
  34. bunny hat (costing 400 coins)
  35. feather mask (costing 400 coins)
  36. feather suit (costing 400 coins)
  37. origami pirate hat (costing 400 coins)
  38. gardening hat (costing 400 coins)
  39. emo hair (costing 3 gemstones)
  40. duck (costing 3 gemstones)
  41. cat hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  42. pink bow (costing 3 gemstones)
  43. cane (costing 3 gemstones)
  44. ice cream (costing 3 gemstones)
  45. Crusty the natural red and brown baby bunny (costing 18 gemstones)
  46. acorn hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  47. flower (costing 3 gemstones)
  48. buck teeth (costing 3 gemstones)
  49. fur tufts (costing 3 gemstones)
  50. cowl (costing 3 gemstones)
  51. bow (head item) (costing 3 gemstones)
  52. ballerina skirt (costing 3 gemstones)
  53. bow (tail item) (costing 3 gemstones)
  54. curled hair (costing 3 gemstones)
  55. lei (costing 3 gemstones)
  56. glasses (costing 3 gemstones)
  57. crab hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  58. crab claws (costing 3 gemstones)
  59. wings (costing 3 gemstones)
  60. bear hood (costing 3 gemstones)
  61. sparkler (costing 3 gemstones)
  62. teddy in wagon (costing 3 gemstones)
  63. jellyfish hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  64. pearl necklace (costing 3 gemstones)
  65. skirt (costing 3 gemstones)
  66. Comfy the emotional purple and turquoise baby squirrel (costing 18 gemstones)
  67. golden egg hat (costing 18 golds)
  68. golden sun hat (costing 3 golds)
  69. golden hair (costing 3 golds)
  70. golden chick (costing 3 golds)
  71. pompadour hair (costing 3 gemstones)
  72. candy cane antlers (costing 3 gemstones)
  73. Rudolf's nose (costing 3 gemstones)
  74. jingle bell collar (costing 3 gemstones)
  75. tiara (costing 400 coins)
  76. purple bow (costing 3 gemstones)
  77. eye lights (costing 3 gemstones)
  78. bug net (costing 3 gemstones)
  79. mouse hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  80. heart (costing 3 gemstones)
  81. royal umbrella (costing 3 gemstones)
  82. ballerina outfit (costing 3 gemstones)
  83. Crunchy the generous baby golden bunny (costing 18 gemstones)
  84. rare angry pumpkin mask
  85. red rare angry jack-o'-lantern mask
  86. magenta happy cat hat
  87. red happy drama mask
  88. happy emote

Bunny blue turquoise sale (blue, blue-green or green) in blue My Pi Day Shop (Best Outfitters)

  1. caramel corn tail
  2. blue taffy pulling machine
  3. orange and blue taffy rug
  4. blue caramel apple hat
  5. blue cotton candy chair
  6. blue cotton candy hat
  7. blue cotton candy lamp
  8. green cotton candy chair
  9. green, lime green and white cotton candy hairdo
  10. blue, sky blue and red rare cotton candy shoes
  11. green cotton candy lamp
  12. blue cotton candy sofa
  13. blue cotton candy table
  14. green, lime green and white cotton candy mohawk
  15. green, lime green and white baby cotton candy mohawk
  16. blue churro cart
  17. lit arctic fox topiary
  18. arctic fox topiary
  19. blue lit spiked collar
  20. blue monster claws
  21. blue monster teeth
  22. white monster hat
  23. bed hair (costing 1,920 coins)
  24. Chinese soldier's helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  25. beaded armor (costing 3 gemstones)
  26. Ankh (costing 3 gemstones)
  27. short mohawk (costing 3 gemstones)
  28. feathers (costing 3 gemstones)
  29. wand (costing 400 coins)
  30. grass suit (costing 3 gemstones)
  31. eggshell helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  32. hood with feather (costing 3 gemstones)
  33. ninja eye band (costing 3 gemstones)
  34. jetpack (costing 400 coins)
  35. raccoon hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  36. plumed Corinthian helmet (costing 400 coins)
  37. sword (costing 3 gemstones)
  38. maraca (costing 3 gemstones)
  39. Bouncy the energetic orange and yellow baby falcon (costing 17 gemstones)
  40. ninja headband (costing 3 gemstones)
  41. leather hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  42. spiral glasses (costing 3 gemstones)
  43. black suit (costing 400 coins)
  44. glasses (costing 17 gemstones)
  45. headdress (costing 400 coins)
  46. cape (costing 3 gemstones)
  47. magic orb (costing 3 gemstones)
  48. brown hair fringe (costing 3 gemstones)
  49. striped shirt (costing 400 coins)
  50. stick (costing 3 gemstones)
  51. fish head (costing 3 gemstones)
  52. scuba suit (costing 3 gemstones)
  53. submarine (costing 3 gemstones)
  54. top hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  55. mustache (costing 3 gemstones)
  56. bandana (costing 3 gemstones)
  57. head feather (costing 400 coins)
  58. beaded necklace (costing 3 gemstones)
  59. body band (costing 3 gemstones)
  60. Bumble the strong and intelligent red and blue baby mouse (costing 17 gemstones)
  61. golden top hat (costing 3 golds)
  62. golden feather hat (costing 3 golds
  63. golden ninja mask (costing 3 golds)
  64. golden rocket (costing 3 golds)
  65. arctic hood (costing 400 coins)
  66. Santa hat (costing 400 coins)
  67. futuristic sunglasses (costing 3 gemstones)
  68. bat wings (costing 3 gemstones)
  69. bicycle helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  70. earmuffs (costing 400 coins)
  71. mask (costing 3 gemstones)
  72. swords (costing 3 gemstones)
  73. pink bow (costing 3 gemstones)
  74. crown (costing 3 gemstones)
  75. tusks (costing 400 coins)
  76. king's cloak (costing 3 gemstones)
  77. Ocean the powerful and organic black and green baby tiger (costing 17 gemstones)
  78. blue angry pumpkin mask
  79. angry emote
  80. blue rare angry jack-o'-lantern mask
  81. happy cat hat
  82. blue happy drama mask

German shepherd blue-green turquoise sale (blue, blue-green or green) in purple My Pi Day Shop (Zany Wares)

  1. cotton candy necklace
  2. purple taffy pulling machine
  3. blue and pink taffy rug
  4. blue and magenta taffy tail
  5. purple caramel apple hat
  6. purple cotton candy chair
  7. cotton candy display
  8. purple cotton candy hat
  9. baby cotton candy hut
  10. purple cotton candy lamp
  11. blue cotton candy chair
  12. purple, lavender and white cotton candy hairdo
  13. lucky cotton candy hairdo
  14. purple, lavender and white rare cotton candy shoes
  15. blue cotton candy lamp
  16. purple cotton candy sofa
  17. purple cotton candy table
  18. purple, lavender and white cotton candy mohawk
  19. purple, lavender and white baby cotton candy mohawk
  20. purple churro cart
  21. lit arctic wolf topiary
  22. lit baobab tree
  23. lit cheetah topiary
  24. lit Clydesdale horse topiary
  25. lit Christmas claws
  26. lit Christmas mohawk
  27. purple lit spiked collar
  28. purple monster claws
  29. rare monster teeth
  30. purple monster hat
  31. rare monster teeth
  32. Cleo's hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  33. Egyptian helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  34. leather skirt (costing 400 coins)
  35. paper lantern (costing 3 gemstones)
  36. eggshell helmet (costing 3 gemstones)
  37. hair (costing 19 gemstones)
  38. basket (costing 400 coins)
  39. skirt (costing 3 gemstones)
  40. top hat (costing 400 coins)
  41. strawberry beanie (costing 3 gemstones)
  42. vampire costume (costing 3 gemstones)
  43. butterfly and net (costing 400 coins)
  44. curly wig (costing 3 gemstones)
  45. police hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  46. robotic eyepatch (costing 3 gemstones)
  47. lollipop (costing 2 gemstones)
  48. Zippy the elegant brown and black baby chick (costing 19 gemstones)
  49. flower headpiece (costing 3 gemstones)
  50. ponytail helmet (costing 400 coins)
  51. goofy nose (costing 400 coins)
  52. striped suit (costing 19 gemstones)
  53. pointed cap (costing 19 gemstones)
  54. straw hat (costing 400 coins)
  55. bandanna (costing 3 gemstones)
  56. brush (costing 3 gemstones)
  57. sun hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  58. clown suit (costing 19 gemstones)
  59. harp (costing 3 gemstones)
  60. rainbow hair & horn (costing 3 gemstones)
  61. mermaid tail (costing 3 gemstones)
  62. star (costing 3 gemstones)
  63. witch hat (costing 3 gemstones)
  64. pipe (costing 3 gemstones)
  65. sweater (costing 3 gemstones)
  66. gazelle horns (costing 3 gemstones)
  67. tribal markings (costing 3 gemstones)
  68. gem fins (costing 3 gemstones)
  69. Woolly the feminine and friendly pink and yellow baby otter (costing 19 gemstones)
  70. golden newspaper hat
  71. golden strawberry hat
  72. golden vampire costume
  73. golden net
  74. curly antlers (costing 400 coins)
  75. Christmas light antlers (costing 19 gemstones)
  76. fancy eyes (costing 400 coins)
  77. holiday wreath
  78. crown (costing 3 gemstones)
  79. grey horns
  80. fangs
  81. cape
  82. top hat
  83. royal fabric
  84. wings
  85. royal armor
  86. Winter the generous and powerful gold and red baby reindeer (costing 19 gemstones)
  87. purple angry pumpkin mask
  88. purple rare angry jack-o'-lantern mask
  89. purple happy drama mask
  90. happy emote

Bunny red ruby sale (red) in yellow My Pi Day Shop (Best Mart)

  1. churro hair
  2. yellow taffy pulling machine
  3. yellow and blue taffy rug
  4. yellow and green taffy tail
  5. orange caramel apple hat
  6. yellow cotton candy chair
  7. orange cotton candy hat
  8. yellow cotton candy lamp
  9. purple cotton candy chair
  10. orange, yellow and blue cotton candy hairdo
  11. orange, yellow and blue rare cotton candy shoes
  12. purple cotton candy lamp
  13. yellow cotton candy sofa
  14. yellow cotton candy table
  15. orange, yellow and blue cotton candy mohawk
  16. orange, yellow and blue baby cotton candy mohawk
  17. black churro cart
  18. churro tail
  19. lit palm tree
  20. black lit spiked collar
  21. black monster claws
  22. black and yellow monster teeth
  23. green monster hat
  24. monster teeth
  25. knight helmet
  26. clown wig and nose
  27. arctic coat
  28. bowling shoes
  29. hair and mustache
  30. book
  31. glasses
  32. school uniform
  33. pirate hat
  34. carrot hat
  35. swim goggles
  36. bubble wand
  37. fireman hat (costing 400 coins)
  38. top hat and monocle
  39. eyepatch
  40. hook (costing 17 silvers)
  41. Burpy the emotional red and black baby snake (costing 17 gemstones)
  42. propeller hat
  43. monster hat
  44. mustache
  45. grass tuft
  46. fez
  47. top hat
  48. cane
  49. stripes
  50. clown wig
  51. sweater
  52. striped ball
  53. scuba helmet
  54. arm floaties
  55. disguise mask
  56. clown mask
  57. tuxedo
  58. head piece
  59. pipe
  60. starfish
  61. Bubble the cheerful and natural orange and green baby seal (costing 17 gemstones)
  62. golden pirate hat
  63. golden hat with carrot
  64. golden goggles
  65. golden bubble blower
  66. stovepipe hat
  67. snowglobe
  68. goggles
  69. jet pack
  70. fedora
  71. police hat
  72. ninja mask
  73. red balloon
  74. balloons (costing 3 gemstones)
  75. nerd glasses
  76. globe
  77. nerd suit
  78. Misty the powerful and special purple and silver baby elephant (costing 17 gemstones)
  79. angry emote
  80. angry golden phantom
  81. angry jack-o'-lantern
  82. angry phantom statue (costing 17 phantom tokens)
  83. orange angry pumpkin mask
  84. angry jack-o'-lantern mask
  85. yellow rare angry jack-o'-lantern mask
  86. brown happy drama mask

Crystal’s Pokémon

Crystal finds 30 Pokémon in locations in Zhu-Niverse on April 1-30, 2021:

Week 1 1-3

  1. Luca the 15-year-old Warriott wearing a golden glove, blue nunchucks, silver glove, teal spiked spine, blue cosmic necklace, blue dual samurai swords, blue diamond anklet, blue turquoise bracelet and blue tuxedo jacket in Zhu Zhu Canyonland bridge giving rewards: blue diamond anklet, 10 cupcakes, 6 clovers, Itsy Bitsy Chocolate Chipsy Cookies recipe, 151 dive balls, 4 blue cupcakes, 5 eggs, 4 cuddly ice creams, 5 pink donuts and 3 beer cans
  2. Maggie the 8-year-old Ricaru wearing a black snow hat on the frozen pond giving rewards: 6 beer cans, 6 wine glasses, 5 popcorn buckets, 5 burgers, 3 beer bottles and 3 beer mugs
  3. Lemon the 5-year-old Piachu wearing a yellow mohawk, black shutter shades, rare ribbon scarf, black racing jacket, black and yellow high top sneakers, black yak horns, black wristwatch, black seashell bracelet, black pants and black icicle fangs in Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade giving rewards: black seashell bracelet, 3 carrots, 3 acorns, 7 burgers, 4 dog bone toys, 4 pens, 6 seashells, teddy bear, 6 tiaras, 6 princess gowns, 5 flowers, 6 memory stones, 5 dog bones, ugly plush doll and lipstick

Week 2 4-10

  1. Squiggles the 14-year-old Ratareck wearing a purple polar bear hat in Zhu Zhu Conservation Museum giving rewards: 10 clovers, 6 flowers, ball, 151 super balls, 4 blue cupcakes and 5 eggs
  2. Friend the 10-year-old Psycheon wearing purple antlers and a gray-purple pirate hat in Zhu Zhu Pillow Room giving rewards: gray-purple pirate hat, 4 cuddly ice creams, 5 donuts, 3 beer cans, 6 beer mugs and 6 wine glasses
  3. Tender the 17-year-old Charmodo wearing a freedom bunny hat in the giant tree giving rewards: 5 popcorn buckets, 5 burgers, 3 beer bottles, 3 beer mugs, 3 carrots, 10 flowers, 6 red apples, 1993 Kenner Littlest Pet Shop lunchbox, 151 sombre balls and 4 blue cupcakes
  4. Lisa the 10-year-old Psycheon wearing tan homemade wings, a peach and blue flapper hat, tan French braid, red ballet shoes and an orange paperclip necklace near the Zhu Central giving rewards: orange paperclip necklace, purple water balloon bean bag chair, purple water balloon bucket, water basketball hoop, pink pop-up carnival story book, grass chair with flowers, pink popcorn machine, light green grass lamp, white fairy princess hat, emperor's mantle, white and red fairy wand, fire pit, fire drum, red firefly necklace, firefly's flower patch, solar eclipse tapestry, Eco solar panel, Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade music, solar system hat and black dark crown
  5. Celestia the 14-year-old Spriteon wearing a white dragon mask, pink hula skirt, white round glasses, rare freedom tie, white winged shoes, silver knight armor, white goat horns, white ZZP wristband, red big hair with rollers, white charm bracelet, pink faerie wings, white feather earrings, white friendship bracelet, white mammoth tusks, white flag, white bright idea hat, pink backpack, pink snowflake balloon, rare heart antennae headband and pink clover ring in Zhu Zhu Mage Headquarters giving rewards: pink snowflake balloon, pink fairy princess hat, emperor boots and white and yellow fairy wand
  6. Puff the 6-year-old Spriteon in Zhu Zhu Forest Theater giving rewards: Sir Gilbert's alpha amulet, blue water canteen, blue fairy princess hat, blue siren hat, blue fairy wand, white floral light strand, rare fairy princess hat, grass couch with flowers, green and pink floral surfboard, brown and pink fairy wand, light green grass couch, purple fairy princess hat, purple dark amulet and magenta and lavender fairy wand
  7. Russell the 7-year-old Embreon wearing a rare big skull, orange wings, red necklace and rare fall star cape in Zhu Zhu Club Geoz giving rewards: rare big skull, fire pit with spit, brown fire pot, fire wings, red and blue firefly's lantern, yellow thermal vent, ice Mira statue, firecracker basket, ice slide, teal and yellow firefly's lantern, pink plaid blanket, pink fire pot, pink electric eel lamp, pink and white plaid egg, purple and blue firefly's lantern, electric guitar, yellow kingdom banner, grass tile 1, yellow fire pot, yellow and purple king's scepter, grass floor and yellow and green firefly's lantern

Week 3 11-17

  1. Fritz the 14-year-old Frosteon wearing a green and pink old hood and green old blanket in Zhu Zhu Medical Center giving rewards: green and pink old hood, red thermal vent, ice block, blue fire pot, white ice chair, peach firefighter and ice armor
  2. Lois the 14-year-old Frosteon wearing a teal plaid blanket through frozen slides giving rewards: floating candelabra, ice amulet, water park submarine, floating orb, ice armor, water floaties, winter palace grass carpet, teal grass claws and ice flame armor
  3. Louise the 19-year-old Polipad wearing a green pillbox hat, green smiley glasses, rare spring galoshes, green flowered cape, green opal necklace and pink spring flower horns in Zhu Zhu Clothing Shop giving rewards: green smiley glasses, blue, rare, green or brown seashell bracelet, blue, green or brown leg armor, blue or green flowered cape, kelp tree, water basketball hoop, blue grass claws, lime green and blue kelp bracelet, lily pad hat and rare grass mohawk
  4. Strawberry the 16-year-old Tropigrance in Zhu Zhu Theater Lobby giving rewards: kelp forest, green water canteen, plain grass chair, teal and pink kelp bracelet, water wings and teal grass lamp
  5. Hudson the 14-year-old Alolan Sludger wearing a green chicken hat in the mud pool giving rewards: black water balloon bean chair and dark cape
  6. Blackberry the 16-year-old Aquaria wearing blue and pink brigade fin armor, blue brigade armor and blue and pink brigade helmet near the campfire giving rewards: blue and pink brigade helmet, black water balloon bucket and dark cap
  7. Ethan the 15-year-old Alolan Birichu wearing a yellow lion hat in Zhu Zhu Claws 'N Paws giving rewards: plain grass couch, electric fortress panels, city wallpaper and light green grass chair

Week 4 18-24

  1. Num the 14-year-old Packyena wearing a black old blanket, polar snowshoes and black knitted hat in the hot springs giving rewards: haunted mansion grass carpet, dark feather amulet and pale green grass chair
  2. Disco the 9-year-old Kitsuven wearing an orange cat hat in Zhu Zhu Museum Den Shop giving rewards: giant fox plushie, fox banner, fox topiary and lit ornamental cedar
  3. Klaus the 14-year-old Embark wearing an orange, green and red tiny tiara in Zhu Zhu Museum Shop giving rewards: orange tiny tiara with one ruby and two emeralds, freedom bunny hat, brown, white or yellow lion hat and brown panda hat
  4. Pickles the 19-year-old Quilruption wearing an orange moustache, olive steampunk monocle, blue baseball cleats, blue topcoat, orange silk scarf, orange ram horns, orange rainbow wristbands, orange squid hat, blue turtle shell, dark blue shorts, orange lasso and orange Egyptian beard in Zhu Zhu Furniture Shop giving rewards: orange lasso, orange or yellow pillow, Mira statue, tall cactus, brown, orange or yellow bird feeder, brown, orange or yellow fire pot, brown or yellow speakers, telescope, fancy bouquet, brown, orange or yellow fantasy banner, brown, orange or yellow laptop, orange or yellow welcome mat, Greely's haunted hideout lava floor, orange or yellow striped couch, Greely's hideout dust striped walls, window, brown, orange or yellow fish bowl, pepperoni pi and yellow lucky tea set
  5. Terence the 19-year-old Kindlen wearing red cozy shoes, a polar winter hood and polar winter jacket in Zhu Zhu Tundra Shoppe giving rewards: red cozy shoes, reddish or yellow winter blanket, brown old winter boots, brown tattered scarf, polar winter hood, brown snow hat, orange dizzy stars, orange plaid blanket and orange or yellow sunshine galoshes
  6. Birthday the 19-year-old Vulhex wearing orange crab claws, queen bee diamond tiara and queen bee necklace in Zhu Zhu Art Studio giving rewards: queen bee diamond tiara, orange ninja mask, orange ninja laptop and black and yellow ninja mask emote
  7. Akira the 8-year-old Cindion through the slide giving rewards: Kit pillow pet, Kit dream lite, yellow kitchen fridge, yellow kitchen shelves, yellow kitchen sink, orange or yellow kite, red ninja mask, red or green kite, brown kitty's ball and track, orange kitty's ball of yarn, green and brown kitty's condo, red ninja laptop and green and yellow ninja mask emote

Week 5 25-30

  1. Bandit the 15-year-old Heatiger in Zhu Zhu Flag Shop giving rewards: pirate flag, peace flag, phantom flag, Zhu flag and Japanese flag
  2. Dazzle the 12-year-old Salamour wearing pink and green salamander gills in Zhu Zhu Treetop Gardens giving rewards: fountain sprinkler and bamboo patch
  3. Nibbler the 14-year-old Houndread wearing a black striped double bow tie, black chef's hat and black genie shoes in Zhu Zhu Gemstone Shop giving rewards: black chef's hat, yellow legendary glove, snow cloud, tan and red or brown and red elf tail armor, phoenix helmet, phoenix amulet, phoenix armor, phoenix leg armor, phoenix tail armor, brown or orange longbow, orange diamond headbow, orange zipper tail, brown Mira feather pendant, orange spiked glove, The Wolf Claw, orange or yellow small wood den portal, yellow flying pig lamp, Zhu Zhu Spring Festival music, fox mannequin, sea turtle mannequin, mystical gauntlets, pixelated deer head and pixelated arctic fox head
  4. Pepper the 7-year-old Zorlusion wearing a golden unicorn horn, gray firefly necklace, golden bow and arrows, golden wings, black scorpion claws, black and red scorpion armor, black ruby earrings, black lobster tail, black fairy princess hat and black clover shoulder armor in Zhu Zhu Wild Explorers Tent giving rewards: golden bow and arrows
  5. Sunil the 10-year-old Alolan Sandspike wearing a blue eagle hat in Zhu Zhu Baby Den Item Shop giving rewards: white or blue baby hot air balloon, white or blue mouse door, snake habitat, duck pond and white and black dog toy
  6. Ruby the 8-year-old Kisspell wearing a red arctic hood, purple butterfly wings, magenta princess necklace, yellow leg armor, red sword, purple gazelle horns and red flower bracelet in Zhu Zhu Astronomy Shop giving rewards: red sword, Jupiter throne, space rock collection, white or blue hanging star lamp, white or blue planetary ring sofa, solar eclipse tapestry, fancy telescope, galaxy painting, sun rug, Saturn table, white or blue crescent moon couch, 30 Poké balls and 27 quick balls

Lilac's accessory contest

Attention all stylish Zhus! It's time to flex those fashionable muscles for the ACCESSORY CONTEST! Design your own cool accessory using the Painting Activity, then hit the ACCESSORY CONTEST SUBMISSION BUTTON when you're finished! Winning designs will be made into real accessories to be worn across Zhu-Niverse!

Lilac's future accessories vs Cute Dog's future accessories

  1. rainbow unicorn horn vs pink flower
  2. rainbow raccoon tail vs hook
  3. cross necklace vs pine scent car air freshener
  4. fire tail vs yellow leisure jacket
  5. fire mohawk vs yellow worker's helmet
  6. leaf wings vs woolly white sweater
  7. head bow vs big red bow
  8. bra vs navy blue/dark purple and white striped shirt
  9. underwear vs tool belt (consisting of a hammer and a screwdriver)
  10. claws vs pink bunny slippers
  11. boxer vs yellow bell-bottom pants
  12. dino claws vs orange and white dancing platform shoes
  13. Pikachu tail vs top hat
  14. Eevee tail vs small purple bow

The blue pony, green chipmunk and pink puppy wear candy costumes 🍬🍭🍫:

  1. shy blue pony wearing a yellow and pink candy costume with neon carrot and moccasin candies 🍬
  2. beautiful green chipmunk wearing a lavender and purple lollipop costume with light purple and pumpkin orange lollipops 🍭
  3. smart pink puppy wearing a green chocolate bar costume with bubble gum chocolate bars 🍫

Lilac's Oscars

Lilac's Oscars is on April 24-25, 2021:

Cuddly Zhus

  1. Babboose (pet; canon): dress-up trunk with yellow butterfly wings, white, red and yellow butterfly balloon hat, butterfly bow tie and baby bonnet and baby palm tree
  2. Funshine Bear: yellow bird feeder and yellow bird feather archway, funny face stand, yellow beard, brown and yellow funnel cake earmuffs and bear hat
  3. Braeburn: houseplant, pink brain helmet and yellow brain coral
  4. Bria Bunner: perfect parasol, March perfect attendance trophy, February perfect attendance trophy, December perfect attendance trophy, November perfect attendance trophy, October perfect attendance trophy, September perfect attendance trophy, August perfect attendance trophy, July perfect attendance trophy, January perfect attendance trophy, briar patch, yellow bunny hat, briar archway and rare bunny ears
  5. Pikachu: yellow bird feather armoire
  6. Chuck: dress-up trunk with yellow flower crown, yellow flower necklace, rare flower amulet, rare flower armor and chunky braids
  7. Cuddles: Cosmo's tree house flower carpet and yellow monkey's cuddly blanket

Giggly Zhus

  1. Princess Snowcup (canon): pink princess chest with pink butterfly wings, green, pink and white butterfly balloon hat, butterfly earrings, pink butterfly glasses, pink butterfly hair bow and pink princess necklace, pink butterfly's garden, pink snow cone stand and snowmobile
  2. Cheer Bear: shooting star table, pink cheese hat, pink beard, pink cheer skirt and baby bear hat
  3. Pinkie Pie: pink angel wings, bounce house pink swirls, prank weekend pie face, pink bunny dream lite and pink pie mask
  4. Bunny Ross: pink heart locket, pink bunny hat, rose, bunny burrow vanity and pink rose earmuffs
  5. Jigglypuff: pink butterfly wings
  6. Stella: steamer trunk with pink fairy princess hat, brown and pink fairy wand, rare fairy princess hat and steampunk armor
  7. Giggles: pink bird feeder

Toothy Zhus

  1. Prince Dashington (canon): Cosmo's den flower carpet, purple flower crown, purple flower necklace, flower amulet, flower armor, Super Sweets flower crown, purple and orange flower-shaped well, flower antennae headband, purple flower antlers, flowered arm cuffs, enchanted hollow flower carpet, rare flower crown, rare flower necklace, lavender flower antlers, mushroom hut flower carpet, magenta flower crown, pink flower necklace, brown flower antlers, fantasy castle flower carpet, magenta rare flower crown, art gallery flower carpet, bounce house flower carpet, green and purple princess necklace and purple princess necklace
  2. Bright Heart Raccoon: Zhu Zhu Sol Arcade den flower carpet, spring cottage flower carpet, sky kingdom flower carpet, beach house flower carpet, Liza's garden flower carpet, Peck's den flower carpet, Sir Gilbert's palace flower carpet, Greely's hideout flower carpet, Greely's haunted hideout flower carpet, haunted mansion flower carpet, epic haunted manor flower carpet, friendship cottage flower carpet, ol' barn flower carpet, crystal palace flower carpet, purple bright idea hat, purple heart locket, purple raccoon hat, purple heart bowtie and raccoon tail
  3. Prince Firefly: pink bird feather archway and pink feather armoire, princess chaise lounge, purple princess chest with purple firefly necklace and firefly's patch
  4. Hopper Hendricks: Pegasus Ballad music and Hoppin' Around music
  5. Skuntank: winter palace flower carpet, snow fort flower carpet, Christmas house flower carpet, gingerbread house flower carpet, flower carpet, flower helmet, purple skunk tail and purple and yellow skunk tail
  6. Gale: pink deer antlers and deer banner, Eco galaxy moon lamp and Super Sweets galaxy wings

Petunia Zhus

  1. Sophie (canon): blue butterfly wings, blue and orange butterfly balloon hat, blue butterfly glasses, blue butterfly hair bow and Sophia statue
  2. Swift Heart Rabbit: snow nature archway, swim trunks, turquoise heart locket, blue rabbit plushie, blue swirly pillow, blue heart bowtie and blue rabbit paws
  3. Rainbow Dash: blue cat ears, sky kingdom rainbow pink and rainbow spiked collar
  4. Cuddles Fuzzby: blue swan's fountain, blue swan's stage, blue monkey's cuddly blanket and blue fuzzy cat paws
  5. Alolan Sandslash: blue flower necklace, blue flower crown, blue and pink flower-shaped well, flower amulet, rare flower tail armor, rare flower gauntlets, rare flower helmet, flower tail armor, flower gauntlets, flower helmet, flower armor and purple, blue rare flower antennae headband, blue aloe Vera plant, SandMan and sandstone table
  6. Willow: blue hummingbird balloon hat and wild grass floor
  7. Petunia: blue and yellow butterfly wings, blue butterfly's garden and petunia flower bed

Handy Zhus

  1. Tiki (canon): orange fancy top hat, community fan art plaque, fancy beret, pink fancy book chair, fancy bouquet, front wood tiki chair and tiki armchair
  2. Tenderheart Bear: hummingbird feeder, pink ten gallon hat, orange beard, yellow ten gallon hat and pink beard
  3. Wigwam: orange flower crown, orange flower necklace, orange and red flower-shaped well, flower gauntlets, flower tail armor, pink and green rare flower antennae headband and purple and pink rare flower antennae headband
  4. Russell Ferguson: yellow rare flower headband, baby flower spring hat, green and orange rare flowered arm cuffs, pink and purple rare flowered arm cuffs, brown, green and yellow rare flowered arm cuffs, blue rare flowered arm cuffs, blue and gray rare flowered arm cuffs, red and black rare flowered arm cuffs, freedom flower crown, Christmas flower crown, orange and blue spring flower crown, pink and lavender spring flower crown, pink spring flower crown, pink and blue spring flower crown, Russian flag, fern, rustic fan and orange ferocious feline paws
  5. Bibarel: ol' barn flower carpet, orange flower crown, orange flower necklace, flower amulet, flower armor, Super Sweets flower crown, pink flower scarf, orange and purple flower-shaped well, flower antennae headband, lavender, orange and pink flower antlers, orange flowering crabapple tree, flower patch pond, flower petal porridge, flower powdered sugar cookies, flower power bed, flower power shower, flower power swimsuit bottom, flowering mulch, flower bands and flower bangles

Flaky Zhus

  1. Ruby Zhu (canon): red bird feeder and red bird feather archway
  2. Smart Heart Bear: red heart window
  3. Applejack: mushroom hut moon dirt
  4. Owen Otterson: red butterfly wings, green and red butterfly balloon hat and red butterfly glasses
  5. Scorbunny: red feathered mask, black and red feather earrings and feather hamster wall sticker

Glitter's bag of gifts

Glitter has given away 46 gifts from her bag of gifts with 7,121 gifts to 10 rabbits, 27 hamsters, 2 monkeys, 1 rockstar and 6 Zhu Zhu Puppies:

  • 7,075 gifts

For Glitter's 46 giveaway gifts:

  1. orange beard
  2. bear hat
  3. blue bear bean bag
  4. blue bear welcome mat
  5. yellow beard
  6. pony wall sticker
  7. purple pony's barn
  8. yellow pony's pile of hay
  9. blue pony's stable
  10. purple pony's trough
  11. pet backpack
  12. baby beach lighthouse
  13. baby cabin
  14. pink cardboard castle
  15. baby carnival game
  16. blue baby diner stool
  17. purple and pink baby HDTV
  18. lime baby hammock
  19. baby haunted house
  20. green baby ice cream truck
  21. baby ice rink
  22. baby Christmas tree
  23. lime baby lawn chair
  24. pink baby roller coaster
  25. pink baby table
  26. baby UFO
  27. baby wash hut
  28. green baby acorn hat
  29. baby airplane wings
  30. baby ancient skeletal armor
  31. baby ancient skeletal helmet
  32. baby back scales
  33. pink baby backpack
  34. baby ballet tutu
  35. blue baby balloon top hat
  36. purple and pink baby candle hat
  37. pink and purple baby carnival cane
  38. pink baby carnival hat
  39. blue baby cat ears
  40. blue baby DNA armor
  41. blue baby DNA helmet
  42. baby daisy hat
  43. yellow baby dangling carrot hat
  44. purple deer antlers
  45. yellow baby designer skirt
  46. purple and pink eagle kite

Lilac's cosmic candy challenge

Lilac's cosmic candy challenge with your 1,596 cosmic candies in the galaxy is on April 2021:

Cinnamon Cloud ☁️

  1. fuzzy cinnamon bunny (rare) by feeding it 1 cosmic candy and getting rewards: 3 cosmic candies (1,596 - 1 = 1,595 + 3 = 1,598), blue egg on pedestal and egg with shoes statue
  2. glitter cinnamon bunny (rare) by feeding it 2 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 4 cosmic candies (1,598 - 2 = 1,596 + 4 = 1,600), egg on display and blue and pink egg antennae headband
  3. neon cinnamon squirrel (common) by feeding it 3 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 5 cosmic candies (1,600 - 3 = 1,597 + 5 = 1,602), orange, red and yellow eggshell helmet and golden egg antennae headband
  4. glow-in-the-dark cinnamon squirrel (common) by feeding it 4 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 6 cosmic candies (1,602 - 4 = 1,598 + 6 = 1,604), egg chair and golden egg nest hat

Bubblegum Black Hole 🕳️

  1. iridescent bubblegum chinchilla (common) by feeding it 5 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 7 cosmic candies (1,604 - 5 = 1,599 + 7 = 1,606), orange egg cloak and orange and red egg nest hat
  2. clear bubblegum poodle (common) by feeding it 6 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 8 cosmic candies (1,606 - 6 = 1,600 + 8 = 1,608), blue and purple egg shoes and golden egg earrings
  3. neon bubblegum poodle (common) by feeding it 7 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 9 cosmic candies (1,608 - 7 = 1,601 + 9 = 1,610), blue bird nest hat and egg earrings

Chilly Constellation 🍧

  1. clear chilly puppy (common) by feeding it 8 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 10 cosmic candies (1,610 - 8 = 1,602 + 10 = 1,612), yellow bird feeder and purple, yellow and pink egg basket
  2. glitter chilly puppy (rare) by feeding it 9 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 11 cosmic candies (1,612 - 9 = 1,603 + 11 = 1,614), purple Christmas bird feeder and blue egg basket lantern
  3. iridescent chilly unicorn (common) by feeding it 10 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 12 cosmic candies (1,614 - 10 = 1,604 + 12 = 1,616), hummingbird feeder and pink, yellow and purple egg chair
  4. iridescent chilly unicorn (common) by feeding it 11 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 13 cosmic candies (1,616 - 11 = 1,605 + 13 = 1,618), hummingbird house and purple egg charm bracelet

Peppermint Planet 🍬🪐

  1. patterned peppermint tiger (common) by feeding it 12 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 14 cosmic candies (1,618 - 12 = 1,606 + 14 = 1,620), purple feather archway and pink egg couch
  2. glitter peppermint tiger (rare) by feeding it 13 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 15 cosmic candies (1,620 - 13 = 1,607 + 15 = 1,622), purple bird feather armoire and purple egg display case
  3. patterned peppermint zebra (common) by feeding 14 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 16 cosmic candies (1,622 - 14 = 1,608 + 16 = 1,624), purple bird feather bench and purple and yellow egg glasses

Nutty Nebula 🌰

  1. glow-in-the-dark nutty bug (common) by feeding it 15 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 17 cosmic candies (1,624 - 15 = 1,609 + 17 = 1,626), purple bird feather chair and purple, yellow and pink egg lamp
  2. gummy nutty bear (rare) by feeding it 16 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 18 cosmic candies (1,626 - 16 = 1,610 + 18 = 1,628) pink hummingbird balloon hat and purple, pink, teal, yellow and white egg strand tail
  3. patterned nutty panda (common) by feeding it 17 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 19 cosmic candies (1,628 - 17 = 1,611 + 19 = 1,630) spring baby bonnet and yellow, pink and purple egg table
  4. fuzzy nutty panda (rare) by feeding it 18 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 20 cosmic candies (1,630 - 18 = 1,612 + 20 = 1,632) blue bonnet and yellow and blue egg window

Gummy Galaxy 🌌

  1. gummy dragon (rare) by feeding it 19 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 21 cosmic candies (1,632 - 19 = 1,613 + 21 = 1,634), spring glove and spring ribbon tower
  2. gummy dragon (rare) by feeding it 20 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 22 cosmic candies (1,634 - 20 = 1,614 + 22 = 1,636), yellow rare glove and spring flower patch

Sprinkle Sun 🍩☀️

  1. confetti sprinkles sprinkle cheetah (ultra rare) by feeding it 21 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 23 cosmic candies (1,636 - 21 = 1,615 + 23 = 1,638), silver glove and spring rainbow
  2. confetti sprinkles sprinkle cheetah (ultra rare) by feeding it 22 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 24 cosmic candies (1,638 - 22 = 1,616 + 24 = 1,640), golden glove and spring egg on display
  3. confetti sprinkles sprinkle mouse (ultra rare) by feeding it 23 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 25 cosmic candies (1,640 - 23 = 1,617 + 25 = 1,642), rare freedom glove and rare spring egg on display
  4. confetti sprinkles sprinkle mouse (ultra rare) by feeding it 24 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 26 cosmic candies (1,642 - 24 = 1,618 + 26 = 1,644), classic glove and phantom fortress chair
  5. confetti sprinkles sprinkle penguin (ultra rare) by feeding it 25 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 27 cosmic candies (1,644 - 25 = 1,619 + 27 = 1,646), spring ballet shoes and phantom fortress table
  6. confetti sprinkles sprinkle penguin (ultra rare) by feeding it 26 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 28 cosmic candies (1,646 - 26 = 1,620 + 28 = 1,648), pink ballet shoes and phantom fortress sofa

Marshmallow Moon 🌕

  1. gummy marshmallow hamster (rare) by feeding it 27 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 29 cosmic candies (1,648 - 27 = 1,621 + 29 = 1,650), orange spring bonnet and phantom fortress ottoman
  2. gummy marshmallow hamster (rare) by feeding it 28 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 30 cosmic candies (1,650 - 28 = 1,622 + 30 = 1,652), spring bow and arrows and phantom fortress lamp
  3. neon marshmallow skunk (common) by feeding it 29 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 31 cosmic candies (1,652 - 29 = 1,623 + 31 = 1,654), rare bow and arrows and phantom fortress security camera

Sweet Stargazers 🍬🌎

  1. sticker sweet deer (common) by feeding it 30 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 32 cosmic candies (1,654 - 30 = 1,624 + 32 = 1,656), magenta bow and bows and phantom fortress windows
  2. sticker sweet deer (common) by feeding it 31 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 33 cosmic candies (1,656 - 31 = 1,625 + 33 = 1,658), golden bow and arrows and phantom fortress rug
  3. sticker sweet kitty (common) by feeding it 32 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 34 cosmic candies (1,658 - 32 = 1,626 + 34 = 1,660), Christmas bow and arrows and phantom fortress sewer grate
  4. sticker sweet kitty (common) by feeding it 33 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 35 cosmic candies (1,660 - 33 = 1,627 + 35 = 1,662), spring chicken hat and phantom fortress lantern

Cotton Candy Comet ☄️

  1. fuzzy cotton candy lamb (rare) by feeding it 34 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 36 cosmic candies (1,662 - 34 = 1,628 + 36 = 1,664), red chicken hat and phantom fortress trap door
  2. glitter cotton candy lamb (rare) by feeding it 35 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 37 cosmic candies (1,664 - 35 = 1,629 + 37 = 1,666), freedom chicken hat and phantom fortress tapestry
  3. iridescent cotton candy lion (common) by feeding it 36 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 38 cosmic candies (1,666 - 36 = 1,630 + 38 = 1,668), spring cleaning big junk pile and spring window

Treat Trios 🍬3️⃣

  1. connectible candy treat (limited edition) by feeding it 37 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 39 cosmic candies (1,668 - 37 = 1,631 + 39 = 1,670), spring cleaning huge junk pile and spring flower chair
  2. connectible candy treat (limited edition) by feeding it 38 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 40 cosmic candies (1,670 - 38 = 1,632 + 40 = 1,672), spring cleaning junk pile and spring flower sofa
  3. connectible marshmallow treat (limited edition) by feeding it 39 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 41 cosmic candies (1,672 - 39 = 1,633 + 41 = 1,674), spring double ribbon bow and spring flower table
  4. connectible marshmallow treat (limited edition) by feeding it 40 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 42 cosmic candies (1,674 - 40 = 1,634 + 42 = 1,676), custom double ribbon bow and spring flower lamp

Lunar Lollipop 🥮🍭

  1. neon lunar snail (common) by feeding it 41 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 43 cosmic candies (1,676 - 41 = 1,635 + 43 = 1,678), spring mask and spring flower rug
  2. glow-in-the-dark lunar snail (common) by feeding it 42 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 44 cosmic candies (1,678 - 42 = 1,636 + 44 = 1,680), rare fall mask and spring fountain

Vanilla Vortex 🍦

  1. patterned vanilla cow (common) by feeding it 43 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 45 cosmic candies (1,680 - 43 = 1,637 + 45 = 1,682), rare friendship mask and spring flower archway
  2. glitter vanilla cow (rare) by feeding it 44 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 46 cosmic candies (1,682 - 44 = 1,638 + 46 = 1,684), scary mask and spring phantom topiary
  3. clear vanilla unicorn owl (common) by feeding it 45 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 47 cosmic candies (1,684 - 45 = 1,639 + 47 = 1,686), freedom mask and spring flower garden
  4. glow-in-the-dark unicorn owl (common) by feeding it 46 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 48 cosmic candies (1,686 - 46 = 1,640 + 48 = 1,688), red feathered mask and spring alpine amulet

Candy Cosmos 🍬🪐

  1. helmet Cosmo chameleon (rare) by feeding it 47 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 49 cosmic candies (1,688 - 47 = 1,641 + 49 = 1,690), New Year's mask and spring alpine helmet
  2. helmet Cosmo fox (rare) by feeding it 48 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 50 cosmic candies (1,690 - 48 = 1,642 + 50 = 1,692), spring dragonfly hair clip and spring alpine armor

One Dozen 1️⃣🍬

  1. hidden secret bat (common) by feeding it 49 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 51 cosmic candies (1,692 - 49 = 1,643 + 51 = 1,694), pink spring egg archway and spring alpine gauntlets
  2. hidden secret bat (common) by feeding it 50 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 52 cosmic candies (1,694 - 50 = 1,644 + 52 = 1,696), spring egg balloons and spring alpine tail armor
  3. hidden secret koala (common) by feeding it 51 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 53 cosmic candies (1,696 - 51 = 1,645 + 53 = 1,698), yellow spring egg basket and rare spring antlers
  4. hidden secret koala (common) by feeding it 52 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 54 cosmic candies (1,698 - 52 = 1,646 + 54 = 1,700), red spring egg couch and golden spring antlers
  5. hidden secret red panda (common) by feeding it 53 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 55 cosmic candies (1,700 - 53 = 1,647 + 55 = 1,702), yellow spring egg fountain and spring ballet tutu
  6. hidden secret red panda (common) by feeding it 54 cosmic candies and getting rewards: 56 cosmic candies (1,702 - 54 = 1,648 + 56 = 1,704), spring egg topiary and ballet tutu

Finding High Tide

The team rescues High Tide from disappearing in the deep blue water.

Finding Baby Firefly

The team rescues Firefly from staying deep in the waterfall.

Finding Baby Surprise

The team rescues Baby Surprise from floating with the balloons.