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January Carnation is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: January Carnation is a white Himalayan tahr with pink ear-insides, a pink nose, pink birthmark, pink hooves, red eyes, pink stripes in the mass of red fur around her neck, pink horns, pink ears, pink head and pink tail. Her pink birthmark is a carnation. Her fur becomes Capri blue, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail become razzmatazz, and red eyes become crystal Meridian blue. Her fur becomes blue, her pink ear-insides, birthmark, hooves, horns, ears and tail become almond milk, pink stripes in the mass of red fur around her neck becomes almond stripes in the mass of gray fur, and red eyes become blue.


Carnation, the January birthday Zhu, celebrates her birthday in the month of January... just like you! Carnation loves to host birthday parties with cake, balloons and presents. She organizes games, invites all of her friends, and plays music. Carnation makes a January birthday extra special! She wishes for...her white fur becoming blue, her pink ear-insides, birthmark, hooves, horns, ears and tail becoming almond milk, pink stripes in the mass of red fur around her neck becoming almond stripes in the mass of gray fur and red eyes becoming blue. January Carnation's friends give her birthday presents. She hosts her 22nd birthday party in her winter small house with the Zhu Zhu Tundra summit cake, white and blue bubblegum balloons and green presents. She and her friends play Gem Breaker, and the Zhu Zhu Tundra music plays. She gets a Happy-Go-Lucky music and happy cat hat from February Violet. She gets a pink happy drama mask from March Daffodil. She gets a happy emote and yellow tree stump sink from April Daisy. She gets a treehouse, dark tree stump chair, roadie bear and purple triple innertube from May Lily of the Valley. She gets a happy emote, happy puppy fur, happy puppy head, happy puppy paws, happy puppy tail, happy puppy tongue, treehouse hanging chair, treehouse window, treehouse thatch rug, treehouse stool, treehouse couch, treehouse rope swing, treehouse lighted dining table, treehouse ottoman, treehouse palm umbrella, treehouse fire pit, treehouse lightbulb bundle, treehouse supported lantern and royal blue friendship amulet from June Rose. She gets a light blue friendship bracelet from July Water Lily. She gets a green friendship unicorn headband from August Poppy. She gets pink friendship boots from September Morning Glory. She gets a purple friendship bowler hat from October Cosmos. She gets purple friendship socks from November Chrysanthemum. And she gets a blue triple tail from December Holly.

Gender: female

Animal: tahr

Birthmark: carnation

Birthday: January 6

Family: February Violet (sister)

Friends: February Violet, March Daffofil, April Daisy, May Lily of the Valley, June Rose, July Water Lily, August Poppy, September Morning Glory, October Cosmos, November Chrysanthemum and December Holly

January Carnation's code

January Carnation’s code is 652881277235751526 (sketched flaky and flip):


Flaky code

  1. Keabea greeting card
  2. Flake Fox the red fox plushie
  3. Patch Panda the green panda plushie
  4. Peppy Penguin the orange penguin plushie
  5. Bubble Bunny the white bunny plushie
  6. Dapper Deer the purple deer plushie
  7. Runny Raccoon the grey raccoon plushie
  8. Mimic Monkey the brown monkey plushie
  9. Timber Tiger the yellow tiger plushie
  10. Shine Seal the blue seal plushie
  11. Raw Rhino the black rhino plushie
  12. Mi Pequeña Pony poster (with Mantequilla the yellow earth pony, Bella the periwinkle earth pony, Menta the green earth pony, Hocicar the blue earth pony, Dulce the pink earth pony and Perla the white earth pony)
  13. BFF fox toy
  14. BFF panda toy
  15. BFF penguin toy
  16. BFF bunny toy
  17. BFF deer toy
  18. 11 Pokettomonsutā trading cards (Lizardo the orange fire lizard, Pippi the pink fairy cat, Casey the yellow psychic fox, Ghost the purple poison ghost cat, Sleep the yellow psychic tapir, Sleeper the yellow psychic cat, Crab the orange water crab, Lucky the pink normal axolotl, Booster the red fire cabbit, Freezer the blue flying ice bird and Fire the orange flying fire phoenix)
  19. Pokettomonsutā Red video game
  20. Zhū Zhū Chǒngwù poster (with Qūxiàn the light brown hamster, Pí Pí the yellow hamster, Shùzì the gray hamster and Kuài the white hamster)
  21. Vihaiset Linnut video game
  22. Bobby the orange penguin plushie
  23. Jay the azure dragon flamingo plushie
  24. Silver the black falcon plushie
  25. Hal the green toucan plushie
  26. Mighty the brown eagle plushie
  27. Mga Masayang Punong Kaibigan book
  28. Hugs the yellow bunny plushie
  29. Lift the green raccoon plushie
  30. Clown the purple deer plushie
  31. Nicky the orange fox plushie
  32. 11 Bīsutāzu mangas (volumes: 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20 and 22)
  33. Chiabea the yellow bear manga cover artwork 1
  34. Rabu-a-Lot Beā the yellow bear manga cover artwork 3
  35. Wata Kashi the white horse manga cover artwork 5
  36. Viv the rabbit manga cover artwork 7
  37. Sanshō̄o the orange salamander manga cover artwork 12
  38. Kamereon the red chameleon manga cover artwork 13
  39. Tokage the orange lizard manga cover artwork 14
  40. Pipusukīku the white hamster manga cover artwork 16
  41. Num Nums the gray hamster manga cover artwork 17
  42. Machiruda the white chicken manga cover artwork 20
  43. Warai the seashell chipmunk manga cover artwork 22

Flippy code

  1. Shu Shu Keabea greeting card
  2. Drago Flamingo the azure dragon flamingo plushie
  3. Spike Falcon the brown falcon plushie
  4. Piggy Polar Bear the pink pig polar bear plushie
  5. Pilot Pig the white flying pig plushie
  6. Beverly Otter the yellow beaver otter plushie
  7. Sunny Sheep the green sheep plushie
  8. Godmother Red Panda the fairy red panda plushie
  9. Scuba Goat the brown goat plushie
  10. Karate Arctic Fox the blue arctic fox plushie
  11. Starry Clydesdale Horse the pink unicorn Clydesdale horse plushie
  12. Mi Pequeño Pony poster (with Caramelo the golden brown earth pony, Azul the blue earth pony, Manzanita the dark green earth pony, Acurrucarse the grey earth pony, Algodón the white earth pony and Florecer the lavender earth pony)
  13. green raccoon toy
  14. gold monkey toy
  15. white tiger toy
  16. black crocodile toy
  17. red elephant toy
  18. 11 Pokettomonsutā trading cards (Cocoon the yellow poison bug, Spear the yellow poison bug, Pigeon the brown flying normal pigeon, Sand the yellow ground mouse, Persian the tan normal cat, Coil the silver electric steel hamster, Dodo the brown flying normal dodo, Strike the green flying bug, Showers the blue water merlion, Thunders the yellow electric cabbit and Thunder the yellow electric thunderbird)
  19. Pokettomonsutā Green video game
  20. Zhū Zhū Chǒngwù poster (with Xiānshēng the orange hamster, Zhī Zhī the yellow hamster, Shùzì the gray hamster and Kuài the light gray hamster)
  21. Vihaiset Linnut 2 video game
  22. Hal the green giant toucan plushie
  23. Mighty the brown giant eagle plushie
  24. Silver the black giant falcon plushie
  25. Dahlia the tan giant owl plushie
  26. Stella the pink giant flamingo plushie
  27. Star Wars book
  28. Pirate the blue otter plushie
  29. Woolly the purple sheep plushie
  30. Sailor the pink pig plushie
  31. Karate the purple goat plushie
  32. 11 Bīsutosutāzu mangas (volumes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19 and 21)
  33. Guddorakkubea the Irish bear manga cover artwork 2
  34. Wuishyu Kuma the yellow bear manga cover artwork 4
  35. Minti the silvery white horse manga cover artwork 6
  36. Butchi the hamster manga cover artwork 8
  37. Barubu the green dinosaur manga cover artwork 9
  38. Aibī the blue dinosaur manga cover artwork 10
  39. Kinboshi the blue dinosaur manga cover artwork 11
  40. Sukuiguruzu-Shi the light brown hamster manga cover artwork 15
  41. Chanku the white hamster manga cover artwork 18
  42. Aka the red desert cardinal manga cover artwork 19
  43. Dakishimeru the light goldenrod yellow rabbit manga cover artwork 21