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Gusty is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: Gusty is a porcupine with white fur, a red hair, red quills, red patch, red paws, gold flakes, light blue eyes, light blue birthmark, pink nose and purple cheeks. Her light blue birthmark is a maple leaf. She wears red ferocious feline fur, a friendship rocker hair, flower brooch, red ferocious feline paws and red ferocious feline tail.


Way up in the trees, the leaves had put on their autumn coats and Gusty was thrilled. Gusty whirled through the colorful treetops. Suddenly a wild wind whistled through the sky and the leaves were yanked from their trees. They fluttered down and lay lifeless on the ground. The team helped Gusty resurrecting dead leaves. She had created 658 green health potions with 36 green four-leaf clovers, 15 dark green clovers, 21 candy clovers, 309 coconuts, 15 clovers and 9 health juices. She healed dead leaves back to colorful. She had 652 green health potions for saving them later. She thanked Shamrock for helping her with them.

Gender: female

Animal: porcupine

Birthmark: maple leaf

Birthday: July 5