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Fluky fankid by hedgeflak03 dcduzw6-pre.jpg

Fluky is told by his sister, Flappy, to give her her bear

Flippy is the best father to his children, Fluky (right) and Flappy (left)

Fluky tells his mother that his father is won by Ezequiel's father.

"Look, Mom! I'm a chick!'' coos baby Fluky to his mother

Fluky as a newborn

Fluky's shadow

Fluky and his family

Fluky as a cat

Flaky throws a sandal at his son

Fluky and Maximiliano rapping

Fluky and his family

Fluky and the fankids

Fluky in the fankid crossover with two siblings

Fluky as a superhero

Fluky wears his father's boxer

Fluky bleeding

Fluky and his girlfriend

normal porcupine being taller than porcupine-bear hybrid

Fluky dressing up as Joker

Fluky and his family

Fluky and his twin sister, Flappy

Fluky as Joker

Fluky and his sister Flappy


Fluky and his father Flippy

Fluky annoying his father

Fluky tripping

Fluky crying heard by his father

Fluky and his father's alter ego, Fliqpy

Fluky with his sister and their father's alter ego in left and Fluky with his sister and their father

Fluky and Flappy tied

Vaccined Fluky thinking about his girlfriend

Baby Fluky and Flappy like muscular Sneaky

Fluky doesn't think about Maxi bothered by the girl

Flappy and Fluky

Fluky, Margarita and Ezequiel in the Fankids Adventures poster


Fluky feeling evil and trapping Margarita

Fluky is created by HedgeFlak03 from Deviantart

He is the fankid of Flaky and Flippy.

Appearance: he has light crimson fur, a crimson hair, fire brick quills, atomic orange ears, atomic orange belly marking, atomic orange soles and white flakes.

It’s a porcupine red with bear ears. Is the son of Flippy and Flaky

He is a very naughty chid, very heavy and loves to make a joke. He loves to play brutally and annoy other people, especially his sister Flappy. He likes thousands of beautiful girls. His best friend is Maximiliano, They always do together to make a joke. Sometimes thay make Tommy and other nerdy children bulliyng… It is very hard, but at times it is very respectable, it behaves well and very calm.

He never knows what a love is. He is very upset to learn that his best friend Maxi is in love with his own sister. But he will understand in time it is a love.

Which he hates so much: that his mother (Flaky) worries a lot about him, see his sad sister, broccoli

Note: originally he was a girl, but I decided to change it. because it does not look good with being a girl

Personality: Heavy, fun and a little brutal

Species: puercoespin/hedgehog

Likes: annoy his sister Flappy, the sexy girls

Dislikes: that his mother (Flaky) worries a lot about him, punishment, Ezequiel

Friends: Maximiliano (best friend), Margarita 

Enemies: Ezequiel, Flappy (but but he still wants her), Wiston

Crush: Pretty girls or Margarita(?

Gender: male

Sexuality: Hetero(?

Fears: slipper, punishment of his father

Family: Flaky (mother), Flippy (father), Flappy (sister) and Shane (brother)