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Eelektrik is a Zhu Zhu Pokémon



Eelektrik is a small blue and tan Pokémon, with a tan fin on the top and bottom of its head. It has a round mouth full of razor sharp teeth, surrounded with red lips. It has yellow decoration around the eye and three yellow dots on its body. This Pokémon does not have any gender differences, and it lives in cave-like areas.

Special abilities

Eelektrik has only one ability, that being Levitate. Levitate causes Ground-type moves to become useless in battle. Outside of battle, this ability is useless itself.


Eelektrik evolves from Tynamo at level 39. Eelektrik evolves into Eelektross when a Thunderstone is used.

Gender: 50% ♂ and 50 % ♀

Type: electric

Species: EleFish Pokémon