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Autumn is a Zhu Zhu Pet

Appearance: Autumn is crossbred from her parents. She has ears and paws of a rabbit and buckteeth and a tail of a beaver. She has light Siam fur, light Siam rabbit ears, an orange patch, orange cheeks, orange paws, orange tail, a red magma birthmark, pink nose, cavern pink ear-insides and brown natural eyes. Her red magma birthmark is a maple leaf. She wears an orange and yellow maple leaf skirt, a rare fall crown, autumn fairy anklets and acorn shoes.

Bio: Autumn is born on the first day of autumn/fall and loves to collect fallen leaves from the trees. She likes to eat tangerines, chestnuts, moon cakes and pies and drink hot beverages. She carves her own jack-o'-lantern. She goes to the moon viewing ceremony with her two hybrid friends, July and Summer, and their non-hybrid friend, Lilac the mouse. She makes red paper lanterns.

Gender: female

Animal: rabbit/beaver hybrid

Birthmark: maple leaf

Birthday: September 20

Family: unnamed rabbit mother and Hal the spooky beaver (father)

Friends: Lilac the mouse, July the porcupine/beaver and Summer the porcupine/rabbit