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April Daisy is a missing Zhu, along with the missing Zhus

Appearance: April Daisy is a white porcupine with pink ear-insides, a pink nose, pink birthmark, pink and red quills, pink cheeks, red eyes, pink paws, pink patch, pink ears and pink tail. Her pink birthmark is a daisy. Her fur becomes citrine, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming Indian pink, pink and red quills becoming light blue and white alabaster and red eyes becoming earth.


Daisy, the April birthday Zhu, celebrates her birthday in the month of April just like you! Daisy loves to host Birthday parties with cake, balloons and presents. She organizes games, invites all of her friends, and plays music. Daisy makes an April birthday extra special! She wishes for...her white fur becoming yellow, pink ear-insides, birthmark, cheeks, paws, patch, ears and tail becoming pink, pink and red quills becoming periwinkle and white and red eyes becoming Kelly green. April Daisy's friends give her birthday presents. She hosts her 24th birthday party in her spring cottage with the basket of candy, spring egg balloons and pink, yellow, Kelly green, periwinkle and white presents. She and her friends play Spring Egg Hunt, and the Spring Festival music plays. She gets 4 likes, a happy cat hat, blue sparkler bouquet and rare New Year's party hat from January Carnation. She gets 5 likes, a brown happy drama mask and confetti archway from February Violet. She gets 5 likes and Happy-Go-Lucky music from March Daffodil. She gets a black star cape, 5 sparkleflower sandwiches and spring party hat from May Lily of the Valley. She gets a yellow and green star hat and an orange confetti archway from June Rose. She gets a yellow star couch and confetti bucket trap from July Water Lily. She gets a sparkle plant and star trailer from August Poppy. She gets a white sparkly boa and star chair from September Morning Glory. She gets a star antennae headband and blue firework stand from October Cosmos. She gets a fireworks fountain and red, white and blue sparkler antenna headband from November Chrysanthemum. And she gets blue and red firework shades, a purple sparkler archway and yellow New Year's party hat from December Holly.

Gender: female

Animal: porcupine

Birthmark: daisy

Birthday: April 5

Family: March Daffodil (sister), May Lily of the Valley (sister), June Rose (sister), July Water Lily (sister), August Poppy (sister), September Morning Glory (sister), October Cosmos (sister) and November Chrysanthemum (sister)

Friends: January Carnation, February Violet, March Daffofil, May Lily of the Valley, June Rose, July Water Lily, August Poppy, September Morning Glory, October Cosmos, November Chrysanthemum and December Holly

April Daisy's code

April Daisy’s code is EmilyTheYoutube (Happy Tree Friends):

πŸ’• Emily The Youtube πŸ’•

I love Happy Tree Friends! It's my favorite show! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€β­β­β­βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

Hovee, Jordan, Bigtail, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia and Handy


  1. 27 likes
  2. blue happy drama mask
  3. lavender star cape
  4. blue star hat
  5. blue star couch
  6. blue rare star antennae headband
  7. blue firework stand
  8. teal and blue firework shades
  9. blue firework throne
  10. blue firework top hat
  11. red, white and blue sparkler antenna headband
  12. blue sparkler bouquet
  13. blue sparkler tiki torch
  14. blue New Year's party hat
  15. 2 blue confetti archways
  16. blue confetti cloud
  17. rare confetti hat
  18. red-hooded riding car
  19. red & brown polo shirt
  20. 17 red ruby hearts
  21. 5 ember ambers
  22. 5 flare fycas
  23. 5 torch treasures
  24. 5 lava lumps
  25. red & green striped polo shirt


  1. white happy drama mask
  2. happy emote
  3. black star cape
  4. white rare star hat
  5. white star couch
  6. star trailer
  7. star chair
  8. star bracelet
  9. star diamond necklace
  10. 27 star fragments
  11. star clip bracelet
  12. star fly pants
  13. black and white firework stand
  14. rare firework shades
  15. gray and white sparkler antenna headband
  16. black sparkler bouquet
  17. silver New Year's party hat
  18. rare New Year's party hat
  19. party hat
  20. 2 white confetti archways
  21. 2 confetti cannons
  22. white confetti cloud
  23. white and red confetti glasses
  24. white and red confetti hat
  25. white and red confetti jetpack


  1. red happy drama mask
  2. red star cape
  3. red rare star hat
  4. red star couch
  5. star antennae headband
  6. red and blue rare star antennae headband
  7. red and green firework stand
  8. red and blue firework shades
  9. red firework stand
  10. red firework throne
  11. red firework top hat
  12. black, red and peach sparkler antenna headband
  13. red sparkler archway
  14. red sparkler bouquet
  15. sparkler tail
  16. red sparkler tiki torch
  17. red New Year's party hat
  18. party glow top hat
  19. 2 red confetti archways
  20. gray and red brick chimney
  21. rare wall lantern
  22. pink diamond chandelier
  23. diamond dragon wings
  24. diamond earrings
  25. pink and purple diamond encrusted amulet


  1. happy emote
  2. happy puppy fur
  3. happy puppy head
  4. happy puppy paws
  5. happy puppy tail
  6. happy puppy tongue
  7. happy 10 years bed
  8. happy 10 years flooring
  9. happy 10 years wallpaper
  10. happy hoppy tulip patch
  11. yellow and green star hat
  12. yellow star couch
  13. yellow and blue rare star headband
  14. red and yellow firework stand
  15. green and yellow sparkler antenna headband
  16. yellow New Year's party hat
  17. confetti bucket trap
  18. yellow and red confetti glasses
  19. yellow and red confetti hat
  20. yellow and red confetti jetpack
  21. eye bandage
  22. eye patch
  23. sparkle plant
  24. pink bird feather bench
  25. pink bird feather chair


  1. pink happy drama mask
  2. pink star cape
  3. pink rare star hat
  4. pink star couch
  5. pink and purple rare star headband
  6. star shimmer sippers
  7. pink and purple firework stand
  8. pink and purple firework shades
  9. pink firework stand
  10. pink firework throne
  11. pink firework top hat
  12. pink sparkler archway
  13. pink sparkler bouquet
  14. pink sparkler tiki torch
  15. pink New Year's party hat
  16. confetti archway
  17. pink confetti cloud
  18. pink confetti glasses
  19. pink confetti hat
  20. pink confetti jetpack
  21. pink eye patch
  22. pink eye patch (ocean)
  23. pink bird feeder
  24. pink bird feather archway
  25. pink bird feather armoire


  1. purple happy drama mask
  2. purple star cape
  3. purple rare star hat
  4. purple star couch
  5. purple and yellow rare star headband
  6. purple firework stand
  7. purple firework throne
  8. purple, pink and black sparkler antenna headband
  9. purple sparkler archway
  10. purple sparkler bouquet
  11. purple New Year's party hat
  12. 2 purple confetti archways
  13. purple confetti cloud
  14. 2 brick chimneys
  15. brick pizza oven
  16. purple brick pizza oven
  17. brick wallpaper
  18. wall barnacles
  19. 2 wall calendars
  20. wall garden
  21. purple wall ivy
  22. wall stickers
  23. purple wall flower lamp
  24. orange and purple wall garden
  25. purple wall lantern


  1. Happy-Go-Lucky music
  2. happy cat hat
  3. blue star cape
  4. blue and purple star hat
  5. cyan and yellow rare star headband
  6. blue and red firework shades
  7. blue firework stand
  8. blue and cyan firework top hat
  9. green sparkler bouquet
  10. green New Year's party hat
  11. spring party hat
  12. blue and purple confetti glasses
  13. blue and purple confetti hat
  14. blue and purple confetti jetpack
  15. wall posters
  16. turquoise heart locket
  17. heart couch
  18. blue heart antennae headband
  19. blue heart-shaped backpack
  20. blue heart-shaped chair
  21. blue heart-shaped couch
  22. blue heart bowtie
  23. hearts wallpaper
  24. purple and blue heart glasses
  25. heart chalet throne


  1. orange star cape
  2. orange and black star hat
  3. orange star couch
  4. orange firework shades
  5. black and orange firework top hat
  6. orange, brown and yellow sparkler antenna headband
  7. orange sparkler archway
  8. orange sparkler tiki torch
  9. orange New Year's party hat
  10. rare fall party hat
  11. 2 orange confetti archways
  12. orange and blue confetti glasses
  13. orange and blue confetti hat
  14. orange and blue confetti jetpack
  15. Birds In Paradise
  16. Birds Playing Poker
  17. heart bracers
  18. heart's desire roses
  19. heart air balloon
  20. heart warming tub
  21. diamond encrusted gauntlets
  22. 2 diamond birthstones
  23. pink diamond anklet
  24. diamond cloud
  25. pink diamond bow